Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS

Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS. “Kaeya is weak”, “just temporary support”, “it’s fine to break the armor” … kaeya dps build

I admit that the kaeya ​​support is not good, people choose it because there is no Qiqi, or it takes 2 ice to climb.

Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS
Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS

But honestly … Kaeya is not a supporter, but a good physical dps. Don’t believe it? Me too, until I did a bit of research, I realized a few things:

– Kaeya with par 1 gives 15% more crt rate, Team 2 gives another 15% bonus and is free 30% crt rate Of course it’s only if the enemy gets an ice effect, but it doesn’t make any sense when 6s sprayes E once and Q creates ice around.

– The ice itself is combined with lightning to create superconductivity, reducing enemy’s physical resistance, increasing normal attack damage.

– Combined with water to create freezing, which is hard control, and also restores mana through the passive, solving the problem that requires 60 mana to use Q.

– Spray E hits heal, live longer, solo easier (this is not sure whether a strong point or not)

– And, the last genius, 20% less stamina when surfing, is the only last genius in the current game that works in fights, and it’s really delicious in itself.

So delicious, but still considered a waste? It is unfair, but actually makes sense, because:

– Need 1 more tape. Chongyun squeezed, Qiqi few people had. If she did, she wouldn’t care about Kaeya.

– Need at least bow 1. This is even more difficult than the one above, because at least Diona will have it in a few days.

– In order to optimize Kaeya’s skills, you need a team of 2 ice 1 to pull 1 water, so it’s not very flexible in breaking armor.

In general, if Kaeya does not have a destiny, then dig straight ahead, if you have a par 1 and have Qiqi or get Diona in a few days, don’t hesitate to build. Of course I still can’t get to the top tier, but the feeling of making useless things useful is pretty good.

The cheapest build method at your disposal:

– Team Kaeya Diona Lisa Barbara

– Two wizards hold the story of dragon destruction, Barbara build standard, Lisa is full of elements. Diona accepts

– Kaeya slam pattern, set 4 closing, physical damage cup, attack% attack, critical damage helmet, sub-stream that prioritizes crit rate first and then critical damage later.

I am writing this article and I do not hope you stop saying Kaeya is bad, but I hope you do not swear when you turn to Kaeya.

Good luck

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