Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS

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I admit that the kaeya ​​support is not good, people choose it because there is no Qiqi, or it takes 2 ice to climb.

Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS
Genshin Impact : Kaeya Build for a more effective DPS

Physical kaeya build 

But honestly … Kaeya is not a supporter, but a good physical dps. Don’t believe it? Me too, until I did a bit of research, I realized a few things:

– Kaeya with par 1 gives 15% more crt rate, Team 2 gives another 15% bonus and is free 30% crt rate Of course it’s only if the enemy gets an ice effect, but it doesn’t make any sense when 6s sprayes E once and Q creates ice around.

– The ice itself is combined with lightning to create superconductivity, reducing enemy’s physical resistance, increasing normal attack damage.

– Combined with water to create freezing, which is hard control, and also restores mana through the passive, solving the problem that requires 60 mana to use Q.

– Spray E hits heal, live longer, solo easier (this is not sure whether a strong point or not)

– And, the last genius, 20% less stamina when surfing, is the only last genius in the current game that works in fights, and it’s really delicious in itself.

So delicious, but still considered a waste? It is unfair, but actually makes sense, because:

– Need 1 more tape. Chongyun squeezed, Qiqi few people had. If she did, she wouldn’t care about Kaeya.

– Need at least bow 1. This is even more difficult than the one above, because at least Diona will have it in a few days.

– In order to optimize Kaeya’s skills, you need a team of 2 ice 1 to pull 1 water, so it’s not very flexible in breaking armor.

In general, if Kaeya does not have a destiny, then dig straight ahead, if you have a par 1 and have Qiqi or get Diona in a few days, don’t hesitate to build. Of course I still can’t get to the top tier, but the feeling of making useless things useful is pretty good.

The cheapest build method at your disposal:

– Team Kaeya Diona Lisa Barbara

– Two wizards hold the story of dragon destruction, Barbara build standard, Lisa is full of elements. Diona accepts

– Kaeya slam pattern, set 4 closing, physical damage cup, attack% attack, critical damage helmet, sub-stream that prioritizes crit rate first and then critical damage later.

I am writing this article and I do not hope you stop saying Kaeya is bad, but I hope you do not swear when you turn to Kaeya.

Good luck


Similar to Xiangling, Kaeya’s Elemental Burst, Glacial Waltz, surrounds the character in revolving icicles dealing multiple hits of Cryo damage. Since this effect persists even when switching characters, it can be used to set up multiple Elemental Reactions. Consider pairing Glacial Waltz with a Hydro character like Tartaglia to keep enemies frozen and locked down, or with a Pyro Character like Diluc or Klee to rapidly trigger Melt.

Useful to keep in your party while exploring

Kaeya’s Passive Talent, Hidden Strength, reduces the party’s sprint stamina usage by 20%, making Kaeya useful when hunting for materials and treasure in Teyvat.

physical kaeya build
physical kaeya build

2021 physical kaeya build:


I used that build for a long time up to now!

If you want to go for full physical, then I’d recommend going for glad.

However the team you’re running also provides the possibility to go for a physical freeze comp (which I run), because XQ is a Hydro monster and Diona+Kaeya should apply Cryo consistently enough to keep them permanently Frozen. You’d basically apply Superconduct and then keep the enemy frozen for as long as possible and attack them with all your abilities.

In this case I’d recommend staying with Blizzard but getting a Phys Goblet.

This would be the Hybrid build that you were asking for. It might not be the most optimized and has problems with enemies that don’t hold Cryo due to reactions or those that are immune to frozen, but it has a lot of defense with XQ’s healing+DR and Diona’s shield+healing aura.

I loved that build because you’d be pretty much unkillable because the enemy is always Frozen and you’d have a shit ton of defense options. (Maybe even to many with Kaeya C4 and Beidou C4 if you have them)

The reason why I changed my comp was because I drew Ganyu and replaced Diona to deal more damage. Her shield becomes redundant when you unlock Kaeya’s and Beidou’s constellation locked shields. While I don’t have Kaeya’s yet I’ll get it one day, Mihoyo, I got Beidou’s, which helps me stay alive pretty well and allows me to not have a main healer, and rely on Kaeya’s self sustain and XQs healing. My only problem is not being able to heal a lot health in a short period of time.

I hope I could help you out even a little and never stop experimenting! Keep searching until you find the one you have the most fun with, because that’s what matters the most.

Making him even more strong lol

Oh man, why didn’t I ever asked there… Im physical dps kaeya main, and for now all I have on him is max lvl gladiator set. He does big dmg, his atk being above 2k… I was nearly sure his crit rate and crit dmg is also good, but I looked at your builds and dmg lol

Anyway, is it worth a shot to change his artifacts to blizzard set? Keeping in mind that I still will use him as physical dps, and that I can’t even make good team, im crying inside when thinking about exping for others, can’t even exp enough for my actual one lol

Edit: Ok, I already know that user that said it was wrong (still, im thanful, you tried your best) What I will do next is changing his artifacts to bloodstained and pale flame Will leave post so it might help others

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