Review game Vanquish sale up to -75% on Steam

Review game Vanquish sale up to -75% on Steam. Last Sunday, I bought Vanquish every day to plow 1 hour – 1 and a half hour and found Vanquish with the review on steam is Very Positive. Here is my first review and if there is anything wrong with spelling, I hope everyone will ignore it.

Review game Vanquish sale up to -75% on Steam
Review game Vanquish sale up to -75% on Steam

Opening sentences about Vanquish.

Vanquish is a third-person shooter game with fast speed and powerful Sci-fi (the boss who shoots nearly 600 bullets in the head only takes 3/4 of the blood)
Vanquish is created by Platinum Games and Little Stone Software and published via SEGA.

Vanquish’s fighting mechanism

Vanquish’s weapons are actually not too diverse, plus the DLC of weapons, a total of only 11 guns + 2 nade types are 13 different types. But to compensate for that lack, the manufacturer gave a new mechanics that is gun upgrade. It is quite convenient and good for someone who likes to play 3rd person shooters like me.

Download game here :

Villain in Vanquish

The enemies in Vanquish are fine then stop talking, the ones who are worried about have 2 or 3 rounds in the head, and the mini bosses are thankful for death. Vanquish really focuses on the mini bosses and bosses of each act. You can think of Vanquish as a single bastard game that you have to fight with 2 bosses that are 300 times bigger than you, not to mention its moves 1 hit 1 kill.

AR mechanism

AR Mode – also known as time delay mechanism. This mechanism is very popular because of the high-speed shooting game, so I also need some resting time to reflect the bullets.


Because my computer is weak, I also play low graphic, but in terms of graphics, it is impossible to criticize even though this game is nearly 10 years @@. In terms of gun details, the gun switching animations, the way the shot and how to roll the styles are extremely detailed and extremely realistic.

Penalty mechanism

There are times when I die from the boss, if I don’t die from the boss, there are times when I die from creeps. Platinum understood this well, so they came up with a strange mechanism, Penalty every time he died. Basically like this, every time you die, all the guns you hold in your hand are degraded. That means the time you earn and kill will be spilled into the sea. So it is also a difference of Vanquish compared to other games

In addition to the good pieces, we also have a bad array.

  1. Is sometimes there are faulty arrays of graphics and still do not understand why SEGA has not fixed this error
  2. There are some mini bosses that still have 1 hit 1 kill, so sometimes it is quite annoying and bitter (because I dodged most of the moves but got stuck because of the narrow area)

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