Why should Albedo build Sub DPS under DEF?

Why should Albedo build Sub DPS under DEF?. Currently, there are many people wondering how to build Albedo because the skill set follows the ATK and the DEF. So Albedo has 2 build directions: clock according to ATK or DEF. But through the calculations, it is found that the DEF-oriented sub dps build is the optimal Albedo skill set compared to the most resources spent.

Why should Albedo build Sub DPS under DEF?
Why should Albedo build Sub DPS under DEF?


  • Weapon: Rusty fangs (Free 4 * item, and can be refined 5 through event without embryo), tl 5 we have: + 32% dmg E, + 12% Crit E rate
  • Relic: Clock DEF% + Geo damage Glass + Rate Cone or dmg Crit
    Subcurrent to focus: Ratio or dmg Crit> DEF%> ATK%
  • Set of holy relics: 2 Stone Slabs + 2 Cardboard Furniture / 4 Stone Slabs / 2 Stone Slabs + 2 Guardian Hearts
  • With the highest concentration of E endowment, if he likes it, if he likes it, it is enough to stay at level 6.

(A crit rate of 40% or more should use a crit damage cone)

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this build as follows:


  • Build extremely resource-saving while earning 4 * for free and in event x1.5 amount of exp while empowered
  • Since the explosion E skill does damage according to DEF, there is no need to max out the level of the event sword, as I use an event sword at level 1, 40, and 70 all to do the same E explosion damage. Even if I leave the relic’s feather at +0, E is fine
  • Build does good damage without losing total DPS compared to ATK main DPS build with the same amount of resources
  • Make good use of tdv with DEF% series
  • No fussy team, in the teamfight just drop E and switch to carry to fight


  • This build focuses on flowers exploding according to DEF so E drop flowers and Q blow low damage is obvious.
  • Not suitable for Nuker and main DPS
In addition, there are some guides about Albedo using 3 * Than Kiem Le Minh sword, by calculating with the same build and sword at level90, Le Minh’s sword is tl 5, E damage is bigger than that of event tl 5 but the difference is not. much.

Of course, if you like max ping and explode the biggest damage, use Le Minh sword, but it is imperative that you strengthen to level 70-90 to be strong, while looking for events, the damage is stable at level40.

The picture below compares the blasting damage of the two guides (Both are in the par 0), because comparing the odds, it should be considered for reference only:

  • The guide I’m using: Lv75, 1455 DEF, skill E lv7, 83% st Nham, 130% Crit damage, slightly low Crit rate because I’m using a temporary relic from another char. And are using to earn event lv40 tl1. Flowers burst crit 6m-6m7 dmg
  • Guide of a Japanese gamer using Le Minh sword lv90 tl5: Lv80, 1670 DEF, Skill E lv 7, 90.3% st Nham, 173% st Crit. Flowers burst crit 9k-10k dmg

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