Instructions on how to delete friends with little interaction on Facebook are simple and effective

Instructions on how to delete friends with little interaction on Facebook are simple and effective. To solve this problem,  I will guide  how to remove friends with little interaction on Facebook  to improve interaction and ‘make room’ for real friends. Facebook is one of the most developed social networks in the world. Not only being comfortable “eight”, making friends with friends and exchanging jobs conveniently, Facebook is also a big market for doing business and trading. However, the number of friends does not mean high interaction, or a lot of singles, even those who have never seen it and never appear on their feed.

Instructions on how to delete friends with little interaction on Facebook are simple and effective
Instructions on how to delete friends with little interaction on Facebook are simple and effective

Why do you have to delete your Facebook friends with little interaction

Longtime Facebook users, the biggest headache is the growing friends list, but the interactions are not corresponding. But to find friends who just “make friends for fun”, it takes time and effort. Therefore, in this article will guide in detail tips to delete Facebook friends that have little or no interaction.

3 most effective ways to delete friends with least interaction on Facebook today

To be able to quickly and effectively delete less-interactive, non-interactive friends, you can use one of the  less interactive Facebook friends delete software   below.

Method 1: Use Friend Remover Pro

How to delete friends with little interaction on Facebook  is not complicated, with just a few taps you will be able to find virtual friends and purify them. However, the way Viettel instructs below can only be done on computers, not applicable to phones.

Step 1:  Download extension Friend Remover Pro on Chrome browser

Link: HERE

Step 2:  After starting the application, the system will need some time to download all the friends list, depending on how many friends or less.


The system will list your facebook friends and sort by level of “interaction”, which means that as the end will be a list of virtual friends, ie people who have little or no interaction.

Step 3:  Finally, the system will ask you again, whether you want to delete these friends or not. If you agree, continue to press the button ” Remove Friends “.

Method 2: Use Monokai Toolkit application

Monokai Toolkit application is developed on Android devices, allowing users to easily manage their personal Facebook accounts more simply and scientifically. Monokai Toolkit provides many useful features such as filtering friends list, making quick comments, poking friends…. 


Below will be a detailed guide on  how to delete Facebook friends  using Monokai Toolkit application on phones and computers. 

–  Monokai Toolkit on  phone

Step 1 : Open the Monokai Toolkit app on your phone and log in with your Facebook account.

Step 2 : At the main interface of the Monokai Toolkit application, you choose to switch to the Features tab by pressing the icon of the screwdriver and the crossed wrench. Here search and select the feature  Remove non-interactive friends .

Step 3 : Click on the Delete Friends button   to delete immediately or click on  Edit Delete List  to see the deleted friends and mark the appropriate selection.

–  Monokai Toolkit on PC

Step 1 : Download and install Monokai Toolkit to your computer according to the instructions on the application.

Step 2 : Open the Monokai Toolkit application, choose to enter the address and click on  Manage all features .

Step 3 : In the feature interface in the right column, expand the Friend Features section   and select the feature of  Delete Non-Interactive Friends .


Step 4 : The Monokai Toolkit will automatically categorize and display the most recent friends who have not interacted with your posts. To remove less interactive friends, place a checkmark on those who need to cancel friends and click  Remove – x friends  to complete.

Note : Unlike the mobile version, the feature to find and delete non-interactive friends on MonoKai Toolkit by computer requires an account upgrade fee to Premium to use.

Method 3: Use Extention Friend Remover Free

Step 1:  Download and install Friend Remover Pro utility for the web browser in use. In this section, continue to click  Add to Chrome  , in the new notification dialog box that appears, click  Add extension 

Wait for the installation to complete, you will see the icon of the Friend Remover Pro utility at the bottom of the address bar on the right corner of the Chrome browser.

Step 2:  Sign in to your personal Facebook account.

Step 3:  Click on the Friend Remover Pro icon, the utility will help list all your friends on the Facebook friend list.

Step 4:  Here, users search for those who want to delete friends by clicking on their Facebook account name or to delete all Facebook friends, select  Select All  .

Step 5:  Once you have selected the friends you need to delete on Facebook, click  Remove Friends  at the bottom. At the new interface that appears, it will ask to confirm whether the user is sure to unfriend the selected Facebook accounts or not, then click  Remove Friends  to confirm completion.

Step 6:  After the unfriending process, Facebook will complete the application will send a confirmation message.

Here’s  a quick and simple way to remove your less-interactive Facebook friends  . You can use the 1-3 month interval to filter friends, increase interaction and especially useful for people who are trading and doing business on Facebook.

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