Kaeya dps build- Bennett Genshin Impact 2021

kaeya dps build : Kaeya is easily one of the best characters, with easy combos, and easy to build DPS wi th major damage potential. He is a beast in every role.Fischl just overused his first cons and cryo resonance. I would recommend just Lisa to spread superconduct from one target to others and go back to Kaeya

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MEthod 1:

  • Great normal and charged attack modifiers

  • Superconduct for more physical damage boosts

I guess we start off with “Why Kaeya?”

Kaeya actually has some of the best normal and charged attack percentages of all the sword characters.

From Genshin.gg,

1-Hit DMG – 53.8%

2-Hit DMG – 51.6%

3-Hit DMG – 65.3%

4-Hit DMG – 70.9%

5-Hit DMG – 88.2%

Charged DMG – 55% (first hit) + 73.1% (second hit)

So that being said, setting Kaeya’s physical damage up to do more, appears to give him insane potential.

Stack on top of that, Kaeya is Cryo, so there is easy access to the Superconduct reaction.

Superconduct: -50% Physical Damage Resistance to targets

  • Results in about a 15-30% damage increase to physical attacks, depends on the target.

All of this results in our normal and charged attacks dealinng BIG damage.

Details – 2:20


  • Focus Physical Damage Bonus, Crit Damage (if Crit is high enough), and Crit Rate

  • Attack is still good, just try to get it when you can

  • +15% Crit Rate to normal and charged attacks from Kaeya C1

  • +15% Crit Rate from Cryo Elemental Resonance

By far, the most important stat on your page is Physical Damage Bonus.

It’s not only hard to get from sources, but it’s responsible for a bulk of our damage.

Crit Damage is next in my opinion. There also aren’t that many ways to get Crit Damage so it should be a priority, BUT, only if your Crit Rate is at least 40 or above, ideally 60.

Crit Rate is important, but since we have so many different ways we can get it, I wouldn’t focus on it like crazy. You can get away with having 20-30% unbuffed Crit Rate if you have Kaeya’s first constellation and/or are using the Cryo Elemental Resonance.

Both of these give similar buffs, 15% additional Crit Rate against targets that are affected by the Cryo element or frozen.

I believe one of them specifies that it’s only to your normal and charged attacks, but since that’s what we use, it’s pretty much the same buff.

And Kaeya’s Elemental Skill and Burst are almost always up since his cooldowns are short and he gets a ton of Energy Recharge, so keeping an enemy affected with Cryo is extremely easy.

Weapon – 3:40


  • Prototype Rancour – Pros: Easy to get and upgrade, Physical Damage Bonus, F2P; Cons: There really are no glaring issues

  • Black Sword – Pros: HP Sustain is great, Crit Rate; Cons: No Physical Damage Bonus, no refinement (as of yet)

  • Aquila Favonia – Pros: Most likely BiS (best-in-slot), Physical Damage Bonus; Cons: Pull it from the Gacha, I dare you pull it (don’t actually)

My weapon of choice is the Prototype Rancour.

When I was throwing random gear on Kaeya, this was the weapon I gave him that showed me crazy damage. Mind you, that weapon used to be level 50 and Kaeya was level 8.

This weapon has a Physical Damage Bonus sub stat.

It’s easy to acquire as you get one for reaching AR10, and you can craft them at the Blacksmith repeatedly to refine it.

You can argue you have more of an advantage with this weapon over any other option, but I thought I would include them to give people ideas.

Another option is the Black Sword from the Battle Pass.

You do have to pay for a Battle Pass to get it, however it’s bonus effect is pretty nice for HP Sustain. You could probably run subpar healers and really never feel a problem.

Only issues here are that the weapon’s sub stat is Crit Rate, so no Physical Damage Bonus and also you can’t refine it as of yet.

The Aquila Favonia is the weapon we all see in our fairy tales.

Theoretically, this weapon is BiS, insane bonus effect, Physical Damage Bonus sub stat, however you must pull it in the Gacha.

And even though it’s great as a rank 1 refinement, you probably will never get this to max refinement.

Worth it if you have it, not worth it if you don’t.

Artifacts – 4:45


  • Sets: 2 Bloodstained, 2 Gladiator

  • Crown: Crit Damage (if Crit is high enough), otherwise Attack

  • Goblet: Physical Damage Bonus

  • Watch: Attack

  • Feather & Flower: Attack & HP

  • Target Crit Damage, Crit Rate, and Attack through your sub stats

  • Avoid Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery

For artifacts, the main things to keep in mind are that this is where you are getting your bulk of Crit Damage from as well as a high value of Physical Damage Bonus.

Our sets are 2 piece Bloodstained for +25% Physical Damage Bonus, and 2 Gladiator for + 18% Attack

Single-handedly the most important artifact is a Physical Damage Bonus goblet.

Try to get it as a 5 star, mine is 4 star, so I still have a giant damage increase waiting for me.

Your watch piece should be Attack %, there really is no better option.

Your crown should be Crit Damage if you are hitting Crits consistently (40 or more Crit Rate).

Otherwise, stick with Attack %.

Stay away from Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery.

We aren’t using a lot of reactions for the damage, just the debuffs, and we aren’t in need of Energy, Kaeya’s Burst already comes up insanely quick.

Look for Crit Damage in your artifact sub stats, then Crit Rate to get it to 40+, then Attack % and Flat Attack.

I would guess that Flat Attack is better than Attack % for our build (didn’t do the math) just because we aren’t seeking Attack from so many sources. I could imagine the percentage wouldn’t calculate as well as a raw number would, but I could be wrong.

Flower and Feathers are always HP and Attack, but get a 5 star Feather at least, it has more Flat Attack than a 4 star Feather.

Swapping out your Flower and Watch piece would allow you to run a 4 star, 2 piece set. I recommend you check out Martial Artist. I have not tested the damage increase, who knows it could be more damage as well, but I think it’s definitely worth a look if you can’t get Gladiator 5 stars.

MEthod 2:


  • 1-2-Charged: General max damage combo

  • 1-2-Charged-Skill: Control space against mobs, apply Cryo, same as first combo

  • 1-2-3-Sprint: Great mobility while maintaining damage

  • Full 5 normal: Easily interruptible, but not terrible damage

  • You can chain these combos by putting a sprint or a jump in between

  • BUG: Kaeya’s Elemental Skill sometimes fails to heal if you sprint too fast after using it

First off, I want to say, just because a combo has a higher DPS doesn’t mean it’s the best in every situation.

Our 1-2-Charged combo delivers the highest amount of consistent DPS, but can leave you vulnerable, especially when you need mobility, like in Spiral Abyss.

1-2-3-Sprint offers that mobility while keeping the damage relatively high.

The Skill can be weaved into the combo at the end of each sequence:



This offers a great amount of area control, as Kaeya normally doesn’t have good crowd control, he’s more of a duelist.

Each combo can be ended with either a sprint or a jump to start another one quickly.

The full 5 swing combo isn’t bad, I use it when I’m just feeling lazy, but also the teleport sometimes just snaps on to a target some distance aways, nothing crazy, maybe like 5-7 meters.

You can dodge attacks with the teleport, by teleporting behind a target, but I believe that when you phase out, your hitbox is still present, so you can still be hit.

It’s extremely hard to test this, but I think this is how it works.

There is a bug with Kaeya’s healing passive that when his Elemental Skill is used, it doesn’t actually heal you if you cancel the Skill animation with a sprint too quickly. Play with it, find the timing that works.

Team Compositions – 9:22


  • Fischl is a must, Lisa is a good substitute

  • Sucrose + Barbara: Nice CC and spread of elements, Frozen status, Barbara w/ Thrilling Tales for more damage.

  • Sucrose + Xingqiu: Nice CC and spread of elements, Frozen status, Xingqiu can be made a support DPS (heals, damage reduction, and great damage off field)

  • Double Cryo + someone else: +15% Crit boost, with Diona coming out, this isn’t a bad option, maybe Diona + Childe? Who knows.

  • Double Pyro: +25% Attack, not crazy about it. Melt is bad for this build, but damage is damage

Fischl is my favorite pairing for the Superconduct reaction. She does not need to be present on the field for Electro to be present and Oz does a ton of extra damage.

Strictly F2P option is Lisa of course, who isn’t bad, but you will need to swap every 8 seconds or so to reapply Electro.

For the other two slots, think about what you need.

You might need a healer still, Kaeya’s passive isn’t entirely reliable, you might also want some more utility reactions or utility in general.

For this, I like to pick Sucrose. Not only does she offer CC is ¾ of the attacks on her kit, she is Ameno and that can spread elements all across the field.

Since Oz is single-target, this can be a way to get Electro on multiple enemies and then hit them all with Superconduct.

I’ve been using Barbara since she heals, has my Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and can assist in freezing targets, but I honestly believe Xingqiu to be the better choice.

You can get all of those benefits, minus the catalyst, but also damage reduction and a lot of additional damage.

And if you really want the catalyst bonus effect, stick it on Sucrose, although, mine has a Sacrificial Fragments for more ability usage.

Other options include double Cryo and double Pyro.

I think double Pyro is an okay option, +25% Attack is nothing to sneeze at, but I think you have better options. Melt isn’t really useful for what we are going for here. And usually you want to do the Melt reaction by using Cryo first, then Pyro, not the other way around.

That’s all I got! I did about a week of testing and compiling data, but I’m sure there is so much more to discover. I mean, in just putting together all of this, I found a bunch of new things. I learned a lot about Kaeya, but even better I learned a lot about how this game works and how other characters benefit from certain stats. Overall it was really fun to do this testing. Seeing my Kaeya get stronger everyday as my Mora spilled down the drain was a treat. I need to farm up for the 1.1 patch again, but I hope to do this again sometime in the future. Stay tuned!

Any questions you have about the build or about Kaeya, I’ll try my best to answer them. And if you have additional information, post it in here to help others out as well. Enjoy!

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