ALBEDO MULTI BUILD DAMAGE TESTING. Hello everyone, I have played around with Albedo and done some testing. I’ll start with the “tl;dr” and get more detailed as the post goes on. Note that this is for Skill/Burst SUPPORT Albedo, I am not focusing on his Normal Attack at all.



EDIT: Harbinger of Dawn with extreme DEF-focus is a remarkably potent build. It is probably the best choice for C2 and a competitive choice for C0 (although a LOT of Burst damage is lost with C0 Harbinger). C0 should still consider ATK% build that I originally called the superior build (please remember that my own ATK% was unoptimized – a dedicated Artifact farmer could easily make a stronger one than mine).

I feel like an optimized Archaic Petra x2, Noblesse x2 with ATK% Sands is his best damage dealing build, regardless of C2 or not. Perhaps this was obvious to you from the beginning but I was curious just how much DEF leant to his overall damage. I actually settled on a DEF% Sands because of how gorgeous the substats were and my ATK% Artifacts were simply inferior, but it’s clear to me that if everything was created equal, ATK% focus does more.

Although I wasn’t focused on his Normal Attack, during testing I observed that Albedo actually has a nice flow as a Main DPS. He can re-deploy his Skill doing extra ATK-based damage every 4 seconds and his DEF-based damage will trigger every 2 seconds, providing a reliable and very fast stream of Energy for his Burst. Unfortunately his ATK stat and Normal Talent modifiers don’t lend him to this but it does FEEL good if you want to try it.

DEF stat isn’t honestly that impactful to Albedo’s DPS unless you also have C2. If you do not have C2, just consider DEF% an acceptable substat, but less important that ATK / CritRate / CritDMG / Energy Recharge.

Albedo likes A LOT of weapons, just pick one that has one of the main stats listed above and compensate for the rest through substats. I used Summit Shaper for high base ATK plus ATK% bonus, but you could easily use The Flute (ATK%), The Black Sword (CritRate), or Skyward Blade / Festering Desire / Favonius Sword (Energy Recharge).

You can optimize his damage through builds but Albedo will never compare to Ningguang or Zhongli for PURE DMG. I recognize that my ATK% build was not as powerful as the others, skewing the damage low in that area, but even if you just blatantly increase the DMG I showed by 25% – or hell, even 50% (representing a more optimized build; higher ATK, better Crit DMG etc) it still falls sharply flat of those two. Albedo is ultimately a Support – and he does his Support job well without any particular stat input (Constant Crystallize Shields for your party, EM boost on Burst, the Klee-levator, etc). “Optimizing” him ultimately just means increasing his damage, which is nice supplementary damage to be sure but not able to compete with the others. For example, my Zhongli who is built with the same Artifact Sets (plus an HP% Sands which is considered suboptimal for pure Burst DMG) does 51k+ per meteor while Albedo might squeeze out 30-35k with an optimized ATK% build depending on if any of his Fatal Blossoms hit.

Speaking of such, do not be foolish enough to calculate his Burst DMG as “Base Damage + (Fatal Blossom damage x7)”. Because of the way these blossoms detonate, you’d be lucky of three of them hit. It’s usually more like one or two. This is part of the reason he doesn’t keep up with the other two for Burst DMG.

Also, Archaic Petra x4 is valid if you’re willing to adjust your playstyle to purposely create the right element of Crystallize and make sure to pick it up with Albedo himself. I found this clunky and annoying to do, settling ultimately for Noblesse x2 instead. EDIT: In particular, C0 Harbinger builds should consider Archaic x4 since their Burst damage is already so hindered.

Okay, you can stop there if you just want to know my conclusions. Now for my testing methods:

Test result was the same Lv84 Ruin Hunter on WL7. Unfortunately I Ranked Up before testing Build 3, so I had to test against a Lv85 Ruin Hunter instead for Build 3. 1 Level PROBABLY doesn’t make a huge difference but yeah.

When using Summit Shaper, I was EXTREMELY careful to have 0 stacks of its ATK-boosting ability up. This is because, as a Support unit, he is very likely to only have 0 or 1 of those stacks going, so I didn’t want them to skew my results. By the way, I tested it – his Skill dealing damage while he is not out DOES NOT increase his ATK with Summit Shaper’s effect. Boo.

The two Festering Desire builds were tested with R2, +20% total Skill DMG. At R5 it goes up to 32%, so expect the “Skill Trigger” values to be higher later on once we get access to the enhanced Skill.

If you have any questions let me know. Bear in mind that Artifact substats can vary wildly between builds leading to somewhat skewed results, but ultimately I think my conclusions on his DMG are solid:

  • ATK% is the best overall damage increaser outside of the Harbinger build.
  • DEF% becomes more important of you have C2, otherwise it can be lower priority
  • Archaic x2, Noblesse x2 with ATK% Sands, Geo DMG Bonus% Goblet, and Crit Rate/DMG Circlet is the way to go.
  • EDIT: Harbinger of Dawn builds are proving quite powerful, it might be the best choice for C2 users and a competitive choice with C0. However, my Harbinger build has AMAZING Artifacts and my ATK build has some pretty awful ones, so I feel like a WELL-BUILT ATK% is still quite competitive vs. Harbinger of Dawn because of the high Burst DMG, especially at C0.

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