How to fix err_timed_out

How to fix err_timed_out .What does Connection timed out mean?
Connect timed out means the connection exceeds the specified time. The default Coc Coc, Chrome, and UCWeb browsers will “wait” for the website for about 1 minute from connecting. If the server or the internet has a problem and the website does not return data to the browser, when the timeout expires, the browser will display this error to the user instead of letting the user wait any longer.

When encountering this error, we cannot immediately determine whether it is a network error or a website error, but just follow the steps as instructed below by, you will succeed and access the network normally. .

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Network error

This cause is rare, but not non-existent. Due to a problem with our network, it is too slow to send and receive requests from the website’s server. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error due to network failure will appear when we visit any website, including and Facebook.

How to fix the network inaccessible error: Turn off the modem with the power button or unplug the power cord directly. After about 30 seconds, open / reconnect the power cord as before. Wait about 30 seconds for the modem to receive the network, maybe longer. After that time, go to Google or Facebook to check.

If you still cannot access any website, please contact the network operator for a technician to check.

Error due to website

With this error, we can’t do anything but… wait for that website to be restored. Yesterday, National Day September 2, the website also crashed for more than 5 minutes, anyone who regularly visits will also encounter this message.

A little trick to check if it’s a website is to go to the website, click Check another site, enter the website address and press Enter. If you see a message like below “is up”, it means that the website is working normally but you can’t access it, it means that the error is yours.

To make sure the website is down, visit, Facebook and some other websites to be sure. There are also cases of undersea fiber optic cable breaks, so overseas websites also have timeout errors.

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