Fixed: 042-323 xerox error-Xerox copier error code 042-323

042-323 xerox error : Xerox copier error code 042-323. Machine is operating normally, suddenly one day the xerox copier reported error 042-323. The machine is completely motionless and cannot be copied. Today we will explain to readers the causes of error 042-323 in xerox copiers and suggestions for repair.

Xerox copier error code 042-323
Xerox copier error code 042-323

I. How does error 042-323 happen?

Initially, the photo machine will have a louder noise than usual, then the machine stops working and the red error message appears on the screen 042-323 . Restarting the copier also does not change the situation, when the machine is finished booting, the error will appear again as above.

Error message ” Fault / Error ” ” appears on the screen . Power off the machine, wait for the Control Panel to turn off. Then power the machine back on. If this fault persists, call your System Administrator “

II. Causes of error 042-323 in xerox photocopy.

– The main reason is that the xerox copier is stuck blank, making the main motor unable to dial enough revs to start.

– It is not excluded that the xerox copier is jammed with waste ink, the compressed waste ink jam the waste ink recovery unit, causing the whole gear system to stall.

– Main motor failure is also the cause, although it is less likely, when the main motor is not able to operate the xerox copier will also report error 042-323.

III. How to fix error 042-323.

– Turn off xerox photocopy then unplug the power for 5 minutes then turn on the machine again.

– Replace the drum assembly if the drum assembly has been repaired too many times or is too old, the drum assembly is old, the gears in it will wear out over time, making the possibility of jamming increase.

– Pour to remove waste ink of the machine, should also check the waste ink cleaner to see if it is stuck or not, if it is overturned, there should be a plan to replace this cleaner.

– Fill xerox copier ink to ensure, with standard ink, the waste ink will be less and less drum cartridge jamming.

– Check the main motor assembly and related gears for jam or not, if all gears are good, replace the main motor of the xerox copier.

IV. Error 042-323 usually occurs in xerox copiers?

The machines that often encounter this error are xerox copiers such as: docucentre 3060, docucentre 3065, docucentre 2060, WorkCentre 5325, WorkCentre 5330, WorkCentre 5335 …


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