Tips for exploring the world of Genshin Impact in just 24 hours

Tips for exploring the world of Genshin Impact in just 24 hours. Genshin Impact is an extremely large open world game for players to unleash discover hidden secrets all over the continents, but there is a way for players to “hold in the palm” with just a few tips.  Genshin Impact is a name “fever” in the game market since the end of September. The game is available on both mobile platforms, PC and PS4 and is free to download, but requires high configuration and content. the amount of installs as well as the large amount of data require a lot of free memory on the device.

Tips for exploring the world of Genshin Impact in just 24 hours
Tips for exploring the world of Genshin Impact in just 24 hours

In the game, players play the role of a character who explores the strange world on their journey to find their brother / sister back (finding who depends on the character they choose when starting the game). As an open world game, adventure elements are given top priority and raised to a new level. “Plowing” is not a heavy factor, the publisher (NPH) Mihoyo wants to direct players to the real entertainment feature when even the mission system is quite … thin and mainly to lead gamers. storyline, explore each land, each area with many different elements.

Although only opening 2 lands, gamers still “cry heaven” because Genshin Impact is too large, too many details and content to learn. If players are impatient to press for the tutorial sections, conversations pass quickly (there is no Skip feature to skip), they may take longer to find and decode quests as well as inventory. treasures hidden in this world.

To “increase the difficulty of the game”, NPH integrates a lot of features such as collecting prodigies to sacrifice, picking up cooking ingredients, finding minerals, solving puzzles to open treasures, even having to arrange the muscles. To complete the exploration of the two open continents can take many weeks if the player is not a “plow game” person.

However, the Genshin Impact gaming community has quickly found a time-saving solution thanks to two sites that have bookmarked all the locations that contain Wind / Lava Prodigy, treasure, Boss, mineral, quests, the transfer point, where to pick up ingredients to cook food or prepare other items …

A Chinese-only web version ( shows a very complete and accurate location of the items that users will need while exploring the world of Genshin Impact. If you do not know Chinese, players do not need to worry because the content is displayed very simply, using the item’s icon as an avatar next to the name written in words. The only thing to do is to click on each icon you want to find so that the website shows the markup for those points.

The second website ( has an English part and supports some other languages (not Vietnamese) is also created with the same task, however, not really detailed by the above website.

To save time, users can open the website to view the map and then enter the game, open the map in the game, use the feature to manually mark each location of important items. available on the web. In this way, players do not need to re-enable the website every time they want to find items or quests, but only need to use the game’s built-in map, saving a lot of time.

The teleport points marked on the map after the player has opened them is an effective tool for them to save time traveling to different locations in the Genshin world without running, climbing or swimming. .

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