Guide to build Traveler (Geo) in the direction of Load element

Guide to build Traveler (Geo) in the direction of Load element. In the fighting game series, combining elements or characters in the fighting squad is the key to success. Today, I will guide you through the principles of creating the perfect team and introduce you to the characters and some of the strongest lineups in the game Genshin Impact.

Guide to build Traveler(Geo) in the direction of Load element
Guide to build Traveler(Geo) in the direction of Load element

1. Why is Traveler(Geo):

– Free and easy 5-star character to go to the palace

– The skill set is pure damage and high damage rate

– Build Main is definitely not redundant, especially in the future, it will open all 7 Element.

2. A bit analysis of the skill set and bow:


E: Throwing stones to create Lava damage and the rock can be used as terrain to climb, stand up and block some boss attacks. CD is 8 seconds.

Guide to build Traveler (Geo) in the direction of Load element
Guide to build Traveler (Geo) in the direction of Load element

-> Simple to understand, after the CD is finished, you will throw stones to deal damage. There are also some tips to take advantage of this skill in combat that I cannot share in this guide.

Q: Standing on foot creates earthquakes, damaging and repelling enemies, and creating rocky mountains. The rocky mountain is seen as terrain, like Q.
Broken Stone Fragment: Reduces Q cooldown by 2 seconds. (Q with CD 6s)
Panic Stone: the last attack in the series of attacks will usually accompany 1 more attack and deal 60% of lava damage (possibly violent)

—> This is the talent that helps Traveler(Geo) collect shields to increase resistance and damage (if using combo 2 in the formation) without using Q or E.


1: After using Q, standing within a rocky mountain will increase the attack rate by 10% and increase the interrupt resistance

2: E is destroyed by anything that will deal 1 more damage on E (can strike)

3 and 5: Increase Q and E level by 3 levels. Max level up to 15

4: When using Q, restore 5 mana points for each hit enemy, up to 25

6: increased duration of rocky mountains from Q by 5s and meteorite from E by 10s.

—> Archery 1 encourages teamfights within the rocky mountain range. splitting, standing in there will help Main not under attack too much when the enemies outside will not be able to attack. And remember, the rocky mountain Q is indestructible.

—> Bow Destiny 2 gives Traveler(Geo) 1 more chance to deal damage from E if the meteor is broken. To use this CM well, you need to know a lot of tricks. In this guide, I cannot share them all.

—> Bow Destiny 6: Looks like a bit of a waste, but in my opinion it’s quite useful. This usefulness is difficult to describe in words. When you play Main Nham a lot, you will understand. However, this CM is not up yet.

3. Lineup:

Should use the formation of: Traveler(Geo) DPS, a healer, 1 extra DPS and 1 sp. And should use combo 2 Geo in the formation.


– 2 Elemental Geo to take effects that add 15% damage with shields and interrupt resistance. Combined with the intermittent resistance from CM1 when standing in the rocky ring of Q will help you no longer worry about being hit but being smashed by monsters.

– 1 extra DPS: after Main Nham launched all the skills, there may also be some monsters with little health that have not died. The secondary DPS will address this remnant.

– Healer + SP: Every formation needs.
In addition to the two lava in the formation, the other 2 elements should be different so that the team has the ability to destroy some elemental armor.

Some lineups and reviews:

– Traveler (Geo) (DPS) + Ningguang (DPS sub) + Healer + SP

-> Good formation, no lack of damage if built properly, with Healer and standard SP to ensure team survival. However, it would be quite tiring to meet the Geo Slime or something that resists elemental Geo damage. If using this formation, you should choose the element for Healer + SP to be able to support more damage for 2 DPS (when needed).

– Traveler (Geo) (DPS) + Nolle (Healer) + 2 Fire

-> Buffaloes, large damage with shield buff + heal from Nolle, shield buff of Lava element and fire buff. The downside is that if you encounter raw armor, you will die.

– Traveler (Geo) (DPS) + Nolle (Healer) + DPS sub + SP

-> Compared to the 2 elements of fire, the damage is a little bit, but the sub DPS and SP are of two different elements, the versatility of the formation will be higher: Has lava elemental damage and 1 other element This is used when encountering Lava Slime or Dark elemental damage-resistant monsters, which can destroy some elemental shields.

– Traveler (Geo) + 1 other lava elements + 2 wind elements

—> Damage is good, buffalo, quick skill, flying freely. The downside is to encounter a monster that resists Lava damage or an elemental shield to die.

4. Guide to build Traveler (Geo) :

– This build aims to push Traveler (Geo) the main DPS. The goals are as follows:

+ Increase damage from E as much as possible

+ Make Q as fast as possible

+ Using skill E, Q can still do a little damage with basic attacks.

Ok. We talk about the details of weapons and holy relics:

As for weapons, this requires the use of the Heavenly Air Sword (5 stars).

Reason: base damage is high and extra current is prime. In addition, the effect also increases the critical rate by 4% (8% for 5-star breakout). Also increases movement speed and attack speed by 10% (20%) and normal damage increases by 20% (40%) for 10 seconds.

The effects of this sword will help Main Nham increase his combat ability after using the Q skill, as well as speed up the Q skill output with the elemental charge.

4 * weapons whose side stream is elemental have poor effects and are not suitable for DPS builds.
About the Holy Relic, in each slot select the main line as follows:

Ly: Increases the damage of the element Lava

Feather and Flower: ATK and HP (these 2 slots, the main stats are fixed)

Clock:% ATK

Hat:% crit or% critical damage

Sub Stream: Prioritizes% crit or% critical damage, depending on which row exponential slot is.

% Crit (% critical damage)>% critical damage (% crit)> ATK>% ATK>% Charge Element> Charge Element

Push% crit and% critical damage as high as you can, add some ATK or% ATK and try to push your prime to at least 150%.

About the Relics:

-Slot Ly use any Glass with% Lava damage

The remaining 4 slots split 2/2:

+ Set of 2 old stone slabs: 15% damage of Lava

+ Set of 2 Gladiators: 18% of ATK. The gladiator set is optimal and increases ATK which increases the power of both basic attacks, Q and E. If there is no gladiator set, use the Gambler’s set (increase E damage by 20%) or Ritual Neck (20% damage damage).

Talent: let’s raise both basic attacks, Q and E.

Strength: not very strong, range 12000 damage in no-lag conditions, no buff from screeching or secret. 1 can be about 20,000 for every 15 seconds. When the rage is finished, the slash will usually be around 1500 per hit.

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