Instructions for decoding the mission “Secrets at the palace” in Genshin Impact

Instructions for decoding the mission “Secrets at the palace” in Genshin Impact.

When you reach the section to Ningguang’s palace, there will be 2 Liyue Feng Shui Chi and a strange notebook containing the secret letter.

Instructions for decoding the mission "Secrets at the palace" in Genshin Impact
Instructions for decoding the mission “Secrets at the palace” in Genshin Impact


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Note: To be more specific, this volume 2 is on Ningguang’s desk. And the paragraph containing the secret letter that was read-only cannot be retrieved.

This is a secret letter from someone to Ningguang, for the next part of the story. Decoded by reading book 2 Wind earth lice

The way to decode the Vietnamese version is too simple because it clearly states: v The English version is a bit more difficult to decode.

Password for English version:

3: 2: 1 | 2 | 3 8: 5: 1 | 2 9: 1: 1 5: 62: 4 | 5 8: 20: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 6: 3: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 8: 23: 3 | 4 1: 3: 1 | 2 | 3 4: 16: 1 | 2 10: 9: 5 | 6 | 7 2: 3: 5 10: 11: 2 | 3 | 4 3:16: 6 | 7

English version of the dialogue (each line break is 1 sentence)

Of all the celebrations, ceremonies, and customs of Liyue, none is more iconic than that held in reception ‘of their god: the “Rite of Descension.”

It is during this rite that the Geo Archon, Liyue’s deity and watchful guardian over the ages, descends in person upon the mortal realm to issue his pine proclamations and exhort the people to be guided by the wisdom they contain, so that all things may transpire in compliance with established rules instead of tending towards chaos.

In the earliest and humblest days of Liyue’s history, Liyue’s farmer-forebears would elect community representatives to greet the Geo Archon on arrival and give him an appropriate send-off on departure.

After making lavish offerings and reciting solemn blessings, they would listen in reverence to their god’s pine predictions before announcing to the people the vision for their labor in the year ahead. In this way, mortals were guided along the path towards prosperity and to triumph over the obstacles that lay in their way, and thus did the domain of the Geo Archon remain strong and steadfast.

When peace returned once more after the Archon War, the city of Liyue Harbor began to flourish under the government of the Qixing, who represented every trade in Liyue, and who also acted as intermediaries between mortals and their god, taking responsibility for communicating with the Geo Archon, explaining his pine predictions to the people in clear and simple terms, and issuing the official policy for the forthcoming year.

Naturally, the illustrious inpidual tasked with hosting the Rite of Descension can only be chosen from among the Qixing, and no-one other than that person is permitted to intervene in the proceedings.

In the minds of the many merchants of Liyue Harbor, the pine predictions of Rex Lapis are more precious than the metals and minerals of the mountain mines.

Thus, no matter how far from home they may have strayed by the day that Rex Lapis descends, all will seek to make the journey back in person, or at least send someone in their place, so that they may receive the guidance of the Geo Archon and safeguard their financial fortunes for the year ahead.

The raving-mad sages of the nation of rainforests drive themselves to hysterics as they abandon all that is worldly in their pursuit of elusive and esoteric wisdom, but the people of the land of karst cliffs are accustomed to welcoming the generous guidance of their deity as a means towards a worldly end specifically, their continued prosperity.

It would seem that, while The Seven stand shoulder-to-shoulder in their roles as Archons of the mortal realm, there are moments where their paths perge, and even run directly counter to one another.

Decoding way:

This is a slightly modified Book Cipher, the way to read this secret book is Question: From: Word | Letter | Word

Example 3: 2: 1 | 2 | 3 is Sentence 3, Word 2, word 1,2,3

we have: t, h, e

The original translation would be: “the fatui will strike the golden house.”

The Vietnamese version, when released, is a bit funny, it will be: “THE FRIENDS IN HOANG KIM SUCCESSFULLY.”

(Yep, decoded it and said it was Pha Tui, not Fatui)

As for the person who sent this secret letter to Ningguang, the possibility is extremely high after you play the storyline as well, that is … Zhongli: v Yes. Our emperor is extremely high-handed, devising a complete retirement plan, self-stepping the way for Fatui and preparing Liyue roughly. Finished retirement forget to receive pension

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