How to fight boss Clear water spirit in Genshin Impact

How to fight boss Clear water spirit in Genshin Impact .Since I see many of you seem a bit cheated with this boss, today I will write a guide to fight this boss in detail.

How to kill boss Clear water spirit in Genshin Impact
How to kill boss Clear water spirit in Genshin Impact

Note: The ideal boss battle level is at most 2 levels below the boss, if lower will be more difficult, but don’t let it below the boss level too much because you won’t have enough damage.

The main points to note:

The boss will summon mini bosses, killing these mini bosses will reduce the main boss’s health, if I remember correctly, 5 waves of mini bosses will be summoned. The first 2 times the boss will summon only 1 type of mini boss, 3 times after the boss will summon 2 types. About the types and pros

First, I will talk about what mini boss fights first.

The big boss has the skill to submerge the terrain, the terrain to fight the boss will gradually shrink, making it harder for you to dodge the boss skills. A small note is not to knock the mini boss too far from the floor or it will restore full health.

About mini bosses:

There are 7 types of mini bosses you will encounter:

(+) Boar : This animal seems to be the simplest one, its skill is to rape like my pigs often slash outside, average health, average damage, easy dodge skill. (Additional opinion from cmt: this one can heal so you have to do more damage than it heals or it won’t die)

(+) Squirrels: This animal spits the skills in a small straight line. Easy to dodge, you can use a mage or an archer from afar if you hesitate to dodge.

(+) Stork: This child also spits a straight line skill but is wide area, remember to run sideways to avoid. In addition, this animal is also bloody and slow moving so it is easy to kill

(+) Frog and sparrow: these two are combined 1 because the skills are similar. These two have exceptionally high damage, and the skills are extremely damaging. IF THOSE TWO CHILDREN COME OUT, SPAWN MUST KILL IT FIRST, NO IT LETS GET HEALTHY VC. In addition, if it’s dead, you have to run away because these two will explode and they will draw blood no less :)) (additional opinion from cmt: freezing dead will not explode at death)

(+) Some birds can fly (and the sparrow can’t fly, can only dance): This one can not be used by a melee player :)) This one is also big, knocking the player upside down, ideally Use a bow to shoot them dead (if they don’t spam with the frog and sparrow)

(+) Crab: This one runs sideways and spits small damage (the type of small damage), the special feature of this one is that it runs very fast, I recommend using an ice system to freeze it to stop it running and then slash not all slashed.

(+) Duck: creates two swirls around its body, high damage and scare. Should stand from a distance to attack. (additional comments from cmt: frozen ducks will not deal damage)

Note: if you do not have enough damage to kill the mini boss then the big boss will cast your ultimate “finish” you XD

Ideal team:

In the team should have at least 1 archer, 1 healer / tank, 1 main damage, 1 frozen. Should not use the character in the same system as the boss

I don’t say which char to use because each char is different, I will let you all create freedom.

Should be buffed if you are at or below the boss level for sure.

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