How to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in

How to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in. MacBook is Apple’s most popular product. But no matter how smart and modern the MacBook is, it is still an electronic piece of technology, so it is inevitable that errors, errors in battery, charger, etc. do not accept charging. Let’s find out with Ngolongtech in the article below!

How to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in
How to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in

Why is my MacBook not charging when plugged in?

All MacBook run on rechargeable batteries. Over time, the battery life on the device will be exhausted and need to be fully charged again. However, if the MacBook does not charge into the battery, it will make your machine unable to receive charging power and hinder the process of using your MacBook. So what is the cause of the problem that the MacBook does not accept the charger ?

Damaged MacBook charger accessory

If you use broken or damaged accessories, or do not conform to the charging standard, these accessories will probably not be compatible with your MacBook and will not be able to transmit charging power to the machine. Moreover, if you use charger accessories, poor quality charging cords can also cause the MacBook to not charge.

The power outlet may have a problem

Double check whether the power outlet you are plugging in to charge your MacBook is not faulty. Try plugging in a different electrical outlet to see if the MacBook can charge.

Charging port on MacBook

If your MacBook has not been cleaned for a long time, there is a high chance that the dust inside has hindered the charging current and prevented the battery from charging as usual.

The operating system macOS is using is too outdated

Using the too old macOS operating system is also a cause of the battery not charging.

Check the battery status on the device

You can click the battery icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. If the words Service Battery appear, it means that the current battery on the MacBook has been bottled and cannot be charged as before.

How to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in

Check power connection

When the MacBook is not charging, check the power outlet. You may have just plugged in the power source but not the charging cord, or vice versa. This simple error causes the MacBook not to charge a lot of people because of haste or forgetting. 

You can check to see if the socket is loose, the power supply you have is faulty, or maybe you accidentally plugged in the charger incorrectly. 

Check charger quality

In addition to checking the plug, check the charging cord. The status of the MacBook not charging to power is most likely caused by poor wire quality or broken wires from the inside. It may come from a non-genuine charging cord or have been used for a long time, so the quality goes down.

The charging cord is open, causing unstable charging. When the power source is connected, 2 open broken wires will cause a short circuit causing the charging light to not light up, the battery to flicker or not connect. If the charger has a problem, you should take it to a service center to have it checked or buy a new charger.

Batteries may be broken or damaged

Long battery life or frequent continuous use, use in places with high temperatures, etc. cause the MacBook battery to be damaged or damaged. The MacBook battery is damaged, leading to the MacBook not charging into the battery. To avoid low battery life, you should use MacBook when the battery is full, limit both charging and use. 

Does the version of the operating system running need to be updated?

Too old operating systems also cause battery problems. Please upgrade your MacBook to an operating system with a new, more stable version. If you do not know how to upgrade the operating system, you can go to the most reputable repair facility to have it checked. 

Repair if hardware failure

When the MacBook is operating for a long time, it causes the machine to overheat. These hardware errors you should bring to the nearest repair facility.

Try cooling the MacBook

If you are out in the sun, or leave your MacBook in hot conditions, unplug the charger, let your device rest for a while, then move to the next location. Cool place to recharge. You can try using the MacBook stand to prop the device up, so that the machine will have better heat dissipation.

Cleaning debris that causes charger and computer to not connect

Check the MagSafe ports for any debris stuck in them, and double-check the MacBook Pro/Air top port as well. Debris prevents the charger and the computer from communicating with each other. 

If you find debris stuck, then power off the machine and disconnect it. Then use a toothpick to remove the debris. Be especially careful, never use anything metal to remove debris.

Update driver

If your MacBook won’t charge, your driver may be faulty. So you should update the driver again by disconnecting the power lines from the computer, removing the battery and holding the power button for a few seconds. Then, insert the battery, reconnect the charger and turn on your MacBook. 


So through the above article, you can check and fix the error of your MacBook not receiving charging. If you are worried that you cannot do it yourself at home, you should bring it to a warranty facility or a reputable repair shop for advice and quick fix. 

Ngolongtech hopes this article would help you! 
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