Fix “A duplicate name exists on the network”

a duplicate name exists on the network : Fix “A duplicate name exists on the network”. This error indicates the name (NetBIOS) of a Windows computer that conflicts with some other name on the network. Usually, this happens when another Windows computer on the local network is using the same name. This error also happens when a Windows work in the group was connection with the same name with the computer. Error “A duplicate name exists” prevents Windows computers from joining the network. The computer will only start up and work in offline mode.

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Fix “A duplicate name exists on the network”

Why does the duplicate name problem occur on Windows?

These errors are only found when connecting to the network on an older Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 computer. Windows clients display “A duplicate name exists on the network” when they detect two devices with the same network name. The cause of the error could be:

  • (Most common) Two Windows computers are located under the same Computer Name in Windows System Properties
  • The local area network has been set up to use Windows Workgroup and the name given to the group matches the name of some other device on the network (such as a home broadband router).
  • (Less common) A Windows server on the network has been configured with two different network names

Note : The computer getting this error doesn’t need to be one of the devices with a duplicate name. Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems use NetBIOS and the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) system to maintain a sharable database for network names. In the worst case scenario, every NetBIOS device on the network could report an error like this.

What if you have two computers with the same name on the same network?

If you are using a newer version of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, then everything should be working fine. But for the old Windows version more than Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, etc. Relying on NETBIOS (Input / Output System) and WINS, you’ll be in trouble.

In second case, you can finally get the following message:

Duplicate names exist on the network

At first you assumed that you just need to change the name of one of the computers, right? However, you can also get this error even if there aren’t any computers on the same network that have the same name!

The problem may cause old network collaboration to not exist on the system. Below are some ways to help you to resolve this problem before changing the name computer.

How to Fix “A duplicate name exists on the network”


First, freeing up and limiting your IP address can help you with your problems. Go to Start, then Run and type cmd. In the command prompt, enter continue

ipconfig / release
ipconfig / renew

If still failed, perform the following solutions.

Delete Network Adapters Hide

Go to Start, Run and enter DEVMGMT.MSC. In Device Manager, View and select Show Hidden Devices.

duplicate name on network

Continue scrolling down to Network adapters and uninstall anything that shows up with transparent icons. If nothing is greyed out, then your problem is not with the network adapter either.

device manager

Change computer name

If neither of these methods works, then you should probably change the computer names. This is could not be made for a in the two reason after here:

You have two host on same network with same NETBIOS name (Input / Output System)
One of the computers has the same name as the name of the group work

You can to Start, Run, enter CMD and after enter that nbtstat -n at the prompt command and it will show a configured machine if available.


Please check the current network connection you are using, ie Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection.

You can change the computer name by right clicking it to the My Computer icon on the desktop, choosing Properties, and then going to the Computer Name tab.

change computer naem

Click to Change and enter a new name for the computer. Reboot your computer and this issue is completely gone.

Video to fix error: a duplicate name exists on the network

Above are some suggestions for solutions to fix A duplicate name exists on the network. Ngolongtech hopes this will be useful information you can refer to in the process of using. Thanks for reading!

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