How to fix google maps not working on safari

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How to fix google maps not working on safari
How to fix google maps not working on safari

Safari->Preferences-Advanced->check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Now from the Develop menu select “Experimental Features” and scroll down to “WebGL via Metal” and uncheck it. Now try Google Maps again.

It appears this issue is limited to Intel based Macs running Safari 16.0. I have an M1 Mac Studio and do not experience the issue. Anyway, try this and report back.


I just updated to Monterey 12.6 (MacBook Pro mid 2015) and I am experiencing a funny problem with Google Maps on Safari. The site loads normally, but as soon as I start zooming in or out I see this:

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-13 om 14.10.08.png
This bug appears to be affecting older Macbooks with dual graphics. The problem occurs with the integrated graphics (Intel Iris). Gmaps works normally with the discrete graphics (AMD Radeon). I’ve sent feedback to Apple & Google, already. Lets hope they fix this one.

Settings > Battery > Automatic Graphics Switching unchecked. Gmaps becomes functional on Safari 16.0, but with considerably more heat.

In general on my old ’15 Macbook Pro, I use Firefox for Gmaps because of responsiveness and lower heat production (less fan). Safari is my default browser, but it is sadly lacking in performance for Gmaps.

Do the current Apple Silicon Mac’s that use Safari get good performance with the use of 3D Gmaps? Any discernible fan?? Probably time for a new computer!!

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