Windows 10 20H2: The first information is revealed

Windows 10 20H2: The first information is revealed. June 22 update: Windows 10 20H2 will be a minor update A few weeks after releasing 20H1 (2004 Update or May 2020 Update) – a very important and important feature update of Windows 10 in 2020, Microsoft has revealed the first significant information about an update. Another important Windows 10 update comes in the traditional fall, which is 20H2.

Quality and the changes towards improving system stability are the main factors mentioned by Microsoft on the 20H2 update. This is in contrast to previous rumors of a design overhaul and the appearance of a series of new features that may appear on this update.

In addition, Microsoft also confirmed that this Windows release will come with a new set of features, but aims to improve the performance and improve the quality of Windows 10 in general. Redmond didn’t go into specifics on the features that will be available in the 20H2 update, but said it would actively take advantage of the Windows Insider beta test program to make this the perfect update. may. In fact, the first 20H2 build was released on the Slow Ring (recently renamed Beta Channel) on June 16 and is beginning to receive feedback from the test user community.

The full release of Windows 10 version 20H2 for global users will be released later this year. Regarding how the update will be distributed, it is likely that Microsoft will maintain a method of “learning and adjusting” the distribution and quality of the update based on actual feedback from users. .

This means the 20H2 update will most likely be released as monthly cumulative patches through Windows Update. In addition, systems running on the 20H1 update when upgrading to the 20H2 version will have a faster installation experience, similar to the monthly updates.

The 20H1 update is codenamed “Vibranium” and according to newly revealed information, the 20H2 update will be codenamed Manganese (Manganese, a chemical element in the periodic table with the Mn symbol and the atomic number as 25).

You may not notice it, but the code name for major updates of Windows 10 is usually given by a chemical periodic table . This is an idea put forward and unified by the Azure engineer team and the Windows 10. development team. So it’s possible that after Manganese, the codename of the next Windows 10 update will be Iron (Iron) – a raw The chemical element in the periodic table has the symbol Fe and the atomic number equal to 26.

In the Preview builds of Windows 10, if you run the Get-VMhostSupportedVersion command in PowerShell, the operating system will list all supported VM configurations on your computer and you can see the code name “Manganese” displayed on the side. after the May 2020 Update.

Similarly, the Preview builds of Windows 10 also refer to the Iron identifier. After the Manganese update is released in late 2020, the Iron version is likely to be released in early 2021.

In terms of changes and additions, it is likely that there will not be the presence of new, notable features included with Windows 10 20H2, similar to the case of the November 2019 Update (19H2). Instead, there will be the presence of small features and mainly changes that improve the stability of the operating system as well as compatibility to enhance user experience.

Preview builds of the recently released Windows 10 have partly shown that this statement is not without foundation. In addition, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected Microsoft’s plans to deploy Windows 10 updates, such as the case of the May 2020 Update (20H1). Therefore, it is unclear whether Microsoft can release Windows 10 20H2 update as planned.

A big update, a small update

If 20H2 is a minor update, this could indicate a new “strategy” in how Microsoft releases Windows 10 updates. Accordingly, the company Redmond plans to release 2 new updates for Windows 10 each year, around May and October or April and November, depending on the actual situation. In particular, an update will come with a series of new features and the remaining update will stay in focus to refine and repair. Of course this is just a conjecture, Microsoft itself has not made any official announcement on this issue, and it is not clear whether this is a long-term plan.

According to leaked sources, the Windows team is currently planning to release Windows 10 20H2 as a minor update later this year. The small update “does not mean there is no change”. For example, Microsoft is currently testing tweaks on how to control the volume of Windows, as well as the interface of the Start menu. Such changes could be included in the 20H2 update. Let’s wait and see!

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