What is a video card? What role does it play in a laptop?

What is a video card? What role does it play in a laptop? First, let’s define the definition of this video card. In other words, this card is also called VGA (Video Graphics Adapter). The type of video card that has the main function of processing most of the information on the image such as sharpness, contrast, image resolution, etc. by connecting with our monitor and So, in order to determine the power of a VGA, you will definitely not be able to ignore the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). If a VGA device has more processor cores, it will have better image processing speed and be easier to manipulate.

Classification card on laptop

If it is a laptop, I would like to offer the 2 most common types of video cards on almost all laptop products available in the market today. From popular laptop products, business laptops, gaming laptops.

1. Onboard video card (integrated video card)

This is the most common graphics card of all laptops. It works by integrating it into the CPU and even before, it was built into the north bridge of the mainboard. This integrated graphics card is powered by the power of the CPU and RAM (meaning that the CPU is strong and the RAM is strong, this card will maximize the speed and manipulation of graphics processing)

The fact that today’s manufacturers integrate graphics cards into the CPU is to help reduce a significant cost for a computer or laptop but still ensure the graphics processing and display image processing.

2. External display card

This is the video card that is most interested in the majority of laptop users today. It is a card designed specifically on a separate board and is connected to the mainboard of the laptop through two ways as follows:

Attached via interface ports (this type is often found on high-end gaming and workstation laptops for easy upgrade)

This category has very few users because of the relatively high cost and is considered a sub-case for everyone. Because when we want to replace the video card to facilitate graphics processing, we can use a desktop computer instead of a laptop, right?

Soldering die on mainboard of laptop (this type is the most common type but also very difficult to upgrade)

This is considered the most popular why? Because when soldering dies on the motherboard, it means that you will reduce the cost of the laptop because it has been attached directly to the mainboard of the laptop. Only the heatsink is designed to disassemble so you have the flexibility to easily remove and install thermal grease and replace fan components when damaged.

If this VGA chip is damaged, then your condolences are almost impossible to replace and repair. Because the VGA chip is soldered to the laptop’s circuit board. If you can replace it is also quite a problem and must be exchanged by the risk of damage to the laptop system.

If you are determined to buy a laptop, then consider carefully your needs first and then decide to buy a laptop to best suit your work as well as your needs.

Some common card series in laptops

Loại 1: Đây sẽ là loại mà chúng ta hay gặp nhất đó là dòng NVIDIA GeForce GTX ( Hoặc RTX ) hay RX của AMD. đây là 2 dòng card phổ thông mà chúng ta sẽ gặp nhiều nhất, kể cả trên laptop hay destop cũng vậy nhưng chúng ta sẽ chỉ nói đến laptop. Những dòng card này được các hãng laptop thiết kế lại hệ thống tản nhiệt và cũng như chipset để phù hợp với các dòng máy khác nhau cho nên chúng sẽ không thể tháo rời và thường thì sẽ có hiệu năng thấp hơn các card cùng loại ở trên desktop khoảng 5-10%. Tất nhiên là sẽ có một số dòng laptop sẽ sử dụng card với sức mạnh nguyên bản trên desktop tuy nhiên thì chúng có giá thành rất cao thường rơi vào cỡ 8x củ – hơn 100 củ và tất nhiên vẫn không thể tháo rời. ngoài ra còn có một biến thể khác đó là các card sẽ được bóp lại hiệu năng để đem lại mức nhiệt độ tốt và phù hợp nhất cho máy đó là các dòng card có thêm đuôi Max-Q ở sau. Loại này dành cho ai? Đó là những người chơi game trên lap, những người làm việc liên quan đến đồ họa, cụ thể ở đây là đồ họa 2D hoặc design maketing. nó xuất hiện trên hầu hết các dòng lap gaming hiện tại hay thậm trí là macbook pro.

In addition, this type will have some variations for other purposes than merely displaying images. It is used in bitcoin mining or more broadly is virtual money.

Type 2: this type will be more rare and will be more expensive if compared to the specifications. Why is it expensive, simply because it is a card that incorporates the best of the company’s technology and special instructions just for use with special software. It’s the NVIDIA Quadro line. And on laptops with this line, we can replace it and upgrade it. So lap line, this card is for whom? Those are people who specialize in graphic design, specifically here is 3D graphics. Typically, technicians who design machines, houses, bridges, or make furniture will need this type of card. Or more specifically do 3D movie effects. Or on the desktop, it is used in professional film projects

Type 3: This is a new card line that has appeared in recent years and is only available on laptops. The name is NVIDIA Georce MX. A typical example is MX250. This is a low-cost card line designed to fit on thin, office laptops but still requires a relative graphics performance. In terms of performance, it corresponds to some GTX cards such as 1050.

Type 4: This is TITAN card series. This is an extremely specialized line of cards. Normally we basically don’t listen but also know about this line. This line has extremely high costs up to several hundred million, so who will be using this card, and what is it used for? It is used in artificial intelligence systems. In this line there are also special cards that if you want to import, you must apply for a license from the state and then when licensed, the new company will produce and transport. Why? Because it is used in AI development research. no, the use of AI, these have codes, technologies can even affect national and regional security so a license is required to enter, regardless of whether you are in the country come on.

Bonus: In addition, technology firms are also investing in a new line of cards that use quantum science. and expected it to provide performance many times higher than the current conventional card line. even more powerful than supercomputers at Google or Microsoft. And the danger is also much higher  😀 . To put it more simply, it is the field of science currently being used in nuclear reactors

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