The “ugly” photographer seeks out the beautiful wife with the promise of giving 10,000 photos to life

The “ugly” photographer seeks out the beautiful wife with the promise of giving 10,000 photos to life

The summer photo series of photographer Lưu Thành Đạt’s wife draws attention by the rare emotional story behind it. He is only 1m59 tall, married a beautiful wife, height 1m71 as a model.

9x Thanh Dat and Huyen Trang know each other through a photo shoot. Thanh Dat’s career is a photographer, while Huyen Trang used to be a model when she was a student, currently working as an office worker.

Thanh Dat said: “At that time, my wife was heartbroken, so I ordered her to take a photo. I saw that she was tall, the prettiest of the guests I had ever photographed, and she was still arrogant. dump “her”.

That is the opening of an interesting love story of Dat and Trang. With the motive “not very bright” but Dat really sincere love her image since time or not.

“When he flirted, he always gave me cheap gifts but showed deep concern. The most remembering were the heating bags and warmers I gave you. Because I was afraid of the cold.

In the winter, it was only a few degrees. I could not bear it. He often cares like that, I can’t “fall”, “Huyen Trang said.

However, Thanh Dat also took nearly a year to get her nod. The guy himself understood: “I was criticized a lot. I was short, black, just ugly, and the children were white, tall, pretty, how to follow me. , Sincerely”.

After accepting the love, the value of Huyen Trang gifts received from her boyfriend also “came to life”. The guy earnestly earns money for his lover and for the future of the two.

On proposing, Thanh Dat took Huyen Trang to visit Dalat, promising to give her 10,000 photos for life.

The funny photographer said: “My wedding photos have taken the same angle with photoshop stretching my legs to” balance the team “with her. In fact, my wife is dozens of taller than me.

The couple Dat and Trang got married in 2018, so far there is a lovely baby 17 months old.

Love his wife, wife afternoon, Thanh Dat often encourages his wife to look beautiful, makeup is very beautiful to take pictures. Although he is now a boss with many craftsmen, Dat often takes photos for his wife himself, fulfilling the promise of 10,000 photos.

Here is the latest photo of Thanh Dat Huyen Trang taking the most beautiful flowers in Hai Phong:

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