“Major” Corgi and the feats of “beauty”

“Major” Corgi and the feats of “beauty” At a police station in Thailand, strangely, it is using a Corgi dog that is not only short but also cute to lure criminals.

Getting criminals in the style of “beautiful woman”
This Corgi dog has a cute appearance with short legs and a well-built body that does not take much effort to catch a criminal but only needs to rely on “inherent capital” to make those guys own “heads.” line”.

On one occasion of arresting criminals of illegal trade, Corgi dog confidently walked in front of him, seducing criminals. And as expected, the victory belongs to justice, the criminal could not control the “gift of beauty” of the dog Corgi but had to run out to pet him a little, causing him to fall into a trap and be caught.

"Major" Corgi and the feats of "beauty"
“Major” Corgi and the feats of “beauty”

Major Corgi defies public opinion
After his feat, the dog Corgi was promoted to major and worked at a police station in Thailand. However, the achievement that the Corgi dog really made many people admired. But on the Internet side, there are phen “laughing cow” about this lovely little confusion:

” Why are you catching up with such short legs ?”

– ” Or for the way to use beautiful women instead of chasing criminals exhausted … but with these legs, it’s hard to catch up, not to say catch” .

– ” Dogs do not make people disappointed.”

– “Look at the dogs they make Major, short and stubby, catch the criminals and our dogs can only eat and sleep like pigs … bored”.

– “If he is a major, then the masses must stand in front of him and raise his hand, do not underestimate the short legs.”

Hopefully, with this rank, Major Corgi will continue to develop his strengths and contribute more excellent achievements to the country!

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