Review Fujitsu Lifebook E734 laptop high performance genuine Japanese

Review Fujitsu Lifebook E736 Japanese high-performance low-cost laptop. Fujitsu Lifebook E736 is rated as the most advanced low-cost laptop on the market today with a price of about 8 million. For a long time, Japanese brands have always brought peace of mind to users because of their superior quality, durability and performance.

Review Fujitsu Lifebook E734 laptop high performance genuine Japanese
Review Fujitsu Lifebook E734 laptop high performance genuine Japanese

Technical data

E736 is Fujitsu’s extremely high-end high-end business line made in Japan Made in Japan with world-leading quality, the mainboard of the Fujitsu business line is always gold because many copper with gold helps the components less Aging is much older than conventional models. Of course, in return, the business line of Fujitsu has always been super expensive, when it first shipped, the price of a couple of thousands of Euro equals more than 40 million VND 

CPU manufacturer Intel
CPU technology Core i5
CPU type 6200U
CPU speed 2.3 GHz
Caching 3MB Cache
Max speed 2.80 GHz
Chipset Integreted
RAM capacity 4 GB
RAM type DDR4
Bus speed 2133 MHz

Nice design, luxury

E736 is still a neat model with only 13.3 ” screen and 1.5kg weight, although the design of the square business line looks a bit rough compared to the current fashion models, but it stands out. with the infinity logo that looks very nice, if I talk about the logo on a laptop, I still like this logo the most because of its simple design but it looks different and very nice, the border is made of red aluminum bars that run long and medium. feng shui has just created a highlight for the machine.

13.3 inch sharp screen

The 13.3-inch screen with 1366 × 768 pixel HD resolution provides sharp and detailed images. The screen has anti-glare features, reducing eye strain to help you work and play longer.

Strong configuration

Integrated Intel Core i5 -6200U processor, 4GB RAM, smooth multitasking. 500GB hard drive comfortably copies data to the machine. Discrete graphics Intel HD Graphics 520 supports maximum entertainment needs.

6 cell battery is very strong

Another advantage of the Fujitsu line is the battery, E736 was equipped with the highest 63wh battery at that time, much higher than all other brands such as Dell Latitude, HP elitebook, Thinkpad or even LG grams at that time. 

E736 is equipped with 6cell Li-ion battery with 7100 mAh capacity of energy-saving technology built on the processor so the device works cooler and quieter, while consuming less energy, so long battery life.

Convenient keyboard, touchpad

The keyboard is designed with priority on comfort separated from the keys, creating a clear layout that ensures typing accuracy. TouchPad is wide and open, the space between keys is moderate, ensuring the sensitivity and accuracy of each finger tip.

Fully connected

Fujitsu Lifebook E736-6200 laptop is fully equipped with common connection ports such as HDMI, LAN, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and SDHC, SDXC, SD card slot to help connect the device to peripheral devices easily. Easy and fast.

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