Summary of wifi errors on the phone – Causes and solutions

Summary of wifi errors on the phone – Causes and solutions. The phone is equipped with an internet connection so that users can use the device’s great features or features. But sometimes the situation when the smartphone cannot catch WiFi signal still happens. This situation stems from many different causes and you can apply some methods to fix wifi not being able to access the network on the following phone to get rid of the above situation before bringing the device to repair main ic wifi phone .

Summary of wifi errors on the phone - Causes and solutions
Summary of wifi errors on the phone – Causes and solutions

Phone cannot access wifi due to network equipment

One of the first reasons that you can think of when you encounter a phone error that cannot catch Wifi is that the WiFi device has an error that affects the broadcast of the device.

To fix this, check your Wifi transmitter and proceed to reboot this device so that the network connection process is restored. In case this Wifi transmitter has been restarted but still cannot catch Wifi, try checking the Wifi connection on another device to see if it can connect to your Wifi network, if it can’t connect. then most likely your network connection problem. However, if that device is receiving and using Wifi as usual, your device will encounter some of the following errors.

Error being used, the wifi is lost

In this case, try turning off your phone and turning it back on after a few minutes to see if this fixes the problem. Most of the time, when using applications on the device, there will be some small conflicts that cause your device to have trouble receiving Wifi signals, so how to restart your phone is an option that you can quickly overcome this situation on your device.

Phone can’t access wifi after you upload rom cook

There are many cases where your phone after updating rom will often get the error of losing wifi or weak wifi.

Solution: Set a static IP address for the device

Step 1: Go to the following path: Settings -> Wifi -> Select Wifi network -> Modify / Advandce. In Advanced, we set according to the following parameters:

Note: IP Address: Usually 192.169.1.x (you can choose x from 2-254, as long as the IP is not identical to other devices)

Step 2: Gateway: (, …)

Step 3: Netmask:

Step 4: DNS1:

Step 5: DNS2: (dns to access facebook)

Then save is finished.

Phone error connected to wifi but no network

Cause: may be due to wrong DNS configuration or IP address, gateway is not correct.

Solution: First try using another device to test the network to see how it is (Eg laptop, other wireless device)

If the wifi network is running smoothly, you need to check the DNS and IP parameters. Gateway on the machine by going to Setting (configuration / settings) -> Wifi-> network is connected. Then check the parameters -> Parameter information will display in each network. Then you check the network cable is connected to the correct wifi yet.

Phone error connecting to Wifi flickering

The cause of this situation can be due to the battery-saving application on the phone, when using this application in a sleep, locked state, the application will automatically turn off the battery for WiFi reception antenna.

Fix: go to settings (configuration), turn off the power saving mode or go to Advance in Wi-Fi Settings and select Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep (Always – always keep wifi when the device is in mode degree of sleep).

Phone error repetitive wifi capture process

Manifest of this problem: the phone catches the wifi but can’t access the network, the machine continually performs the process of connecting to wifi, the device can connect to the wifi at the same time.

How to fix:

The problem may be caused by the operating system you are using on the machine, the device receives a successful IP address but then interrupts -> find a new IP address. The process goes on repeating.

You should download the wifi driver installation on your device via Wifi fixer application. After installation, users must restart the Wi-Fi router. Run Wifi fixer app: The application will reset the Wi-Fi system files and services and help users connect to the network and get the IP address.
Wifi error not accessible

This error is quite common with some Android devices, when unable to access Wifi, try the following steps:

Make sure the Wifi network you want to access and the Wifi setting on the device is turned on (can turn off and then turn on the Android Wifi option).

Try repeatedly accessing that Wifi network. Ask the administrator if the password has been changed. If so, go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wifi settings, hold down the name of the Wifi network and select Change password.

If you still cannot access a previously visited Wifi network, go to Wifi settings. Press and hold on the desired Wifi network name, select Forget Network. Then proceed to access normally as with a new Wifi network. You enter the correct password to remember.

With some genuine Android devices in Vietnam, the error of Wifi drops after about 2-5 minutes of access often occurs.

Error due to phone hardware

This error has many causes, which can be from dropping your phone, dropping objects on hard objects, in water, it will cause the WiFi receiver to be damaged.

Fix: with this error we recommend going to a reputable phone repair center to replace the genuine wifi antenna

Fix wifi not being able to access the network on quality phones

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The above is a summary of connection errors with Wifi that your phone may make. Hopefully our sharing will help you quickly get rid of these situations.

Phone Happy wish you success!

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