“No Internet” error but still able to access the network

“No Internet” error but still able to access the network. Microsoft acknowledges that Windows 10 2004 reports “No Internet Access” while there is a network, there is no fix!

"No Internet" error but still able to access the network
“No Internet” error but still able to access the network

Windows 10 May 2020 Update (2004 version) was officially released by Microsoft on May 28, which is the most anticipated major feature update this year, bringing a host of improvements and a number of new features that help Enhance the overall experience. However, like other major Windows updates, the May 2020 Update comes with a series of system-related issues that have been updated to date. Recently, many Windows 10 users are complaining about a strange problem that occurred with the feature of displaying internet connection status after they updated the system to this 2004 version.

Specifically, this is a problem that exists in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) on the taskbar, causing the system to continuously display icons without an internet connection, but in fact absolutely not.

According to Windows expert Günter Sinh, this is different from internet connection issues caused by VPN users. Although Windows 10 notifies users that their internet connection is down, the actual connection is still working. This is basically a small problem, but sometimes still annoying to the user, and needs to be fixed soon.

Microsoft has also verified and acknowledged the existence of this error in Windows 10 2004. However, Redmond has not been able to find a solution to the problem. So once again, we’ll have to wait and see when Microsoft will diagnose the problem and offer a fix. As mentioned, this is only a small problem but can still make users feel uncomfortable.

Microsoft confirmed the problem
Since the new feature update launched in late May, Microsoft has been constantly facing a series of issues regarding this update. From the Fresh Start feature that crashed, incompatibility issues appeared with Intel Optane memory, to access Storage Spaces, or the failure to update the Media Creation Tool and a series of other vulnerabilities … These are issues related to system compatibility with new updates.

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