How to open all links in a New Tab in Chrome

How to open all links in a New Tab in Chrome. How to open all links in a new tab in Chrome, common tips with the web browser Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox

How to open links in a new tab in Google Chrome browser

Every web browser has its own features, tips to use faster and more convenient. But often these features are not shown out, you need to use often to understand all these tips. The following article shares how you can open a link in a new tab in Chrome.

Open links in new tabs in Chrome

Every time you click on a link (hyper link, when you hover over the image of a hand) in a web page, it happens in two ways: one is the page that automatically redirects to the landing page, overlapping on the page you’re viewing, second, the web browser will open the page in a new tab, next to the current tab. In case 1, if you want to return to the old page, you need to click Back, and only one page can be viewed at a time. And case 2 is that you have both tabs, want to see which tab, just switch between the two tabs with an unlimited number of times. So, who decides whether one of these two options is set as the default? The answer is the webmaster.

The most common and typical example is you search for a certain keyword on With the list of search results displayed, you need to open a few websites in a new tab, compare their content and still need to return to the search page if the results are not satisfactory. Then the option to open links in a new tab is extremely necessary and we can be proactive in this.

Method 1: Use the button on the mouse scroll button

The mouse button outside the scroll function up and down with long text, attached to it, there is one more button. You put the mouse on a link and click the middle mouse button , the page will immediately open in a new tab, next to the old tab is still the current.
This button also works close tabs, most software management tab is like that.

Method 2: Hold Ctrl

Put the cursor in the Link to open, hold Ctrl and click the left mouse button , the tab will be opened in a new tab. This works the same way as Option 1, just a little more inconvenient as you have to use both a mouse and keyboard.

Method 3: Context menu

Right-click a link and then select Open link in a new window

Method 4: Use the Touchpad

Every laptop is arranged a touchpad with 2 or 3 buttons below the keyboard. Some laptops have separate software for Touchpad with many different finger gestures. For example, scroll the mouse, zoom in-Zoom out, rotate the image, … the same function as pressing the middle button of the mouse will be touched with 3 fingers . If the Touchpad is not set to this mode, the operation for the same effect that applies to multiple touchpads will be to press the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.

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