How to convert PDF to Word without a font error

How to convert PDF to Word without a font error. You are in need of converting (converting) PDF files into Word (* .doc, docx format) for ease of editing and finishing content. Because the PDF file is very well secured, this text format often makes it difficult for users to edit, copy and if you do not know how, you will have to retype it manually in Word and it will take you A lot of time and effort.

This article will guide you in detail how to convert PDF to Word easily , quickly and especially without font error when finished.

On the internet, there are many software that copy and convert PDF to Word, but are you satisfied with any software or tool? Here are the tools that I find very easy to use and extremely effective.

How to convert PDF to Word without a font error
How to convert PDF to Word without a font error

Convert PDF to Word online

Advantages of this way:

Convert files quickly, no need to install cumbersome and that anyone can do.

Most online conversion sites have a copyright software with the same functionality, and online conversion is a way for users to experience the software’s feature, so it must be very good = > for users to buy.

Cons: Limited capacity and requires internet to be able to perform.

+ Step 1: First you access the pdftoword Web site and follow the instructions:

+ Step 2: Perhaps the way to do it could not be simpler anymore:

At the main interface of the website, click on the option Choose Fileto find the PDF file you want to convert to word. (Note, due to the online conversion, there are some limitations and here it limits the size of the PDF file to less than 1MB)

In the cell Convert toyou choose is Word. (There are many options for you, you can convert from PDF to image format, text, excel, html, xml).

If you want to compress the file after conversion, you tick the option Get result compressed by Zip, after conversion is complete, the pdf file will be compressed in the file*.zip

Finally, click “Convert” to start the conversion. The process takes place quickly or slowly depending on the size of your PDF file.

And here are the results after his conversion, very awesome.

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