How to fix hot error on iOS 13.3.1 when using the Facebook app

How to fix hot error on iOS 13.3.1 when using the Facebook app. Currently, for those who use FacBook on iPhone devices, they must have been suffering from a hot error on iOS 13.3.1, leading to a battery drain and for a long time will lead to machine failure. So, how to fix this problem?

How to fix hot error on iOS 13.3.1 when using the Facebook app
How to fix hot error on iOS 13.3.1 when using the Facebook app

Method 1: Turn off the Blutooth function in Facbook application

Most of the time, the phenomenon of overheating and abnormal battery usage when using Facebook on iOS 13.3.1, is because this application conflicts with this update, not a hardware error. According to some users, just turn off the Bluetooth function of Facebook in Settings> Apps> Facebook or Settings> Privacy> Bluetooth> Facebook is all hot. After I tried it on two devices, it worked (at least for me).

Note that before disabling the Bluetooth function, you need to turn off the Facebook application completely if you are opening it in the background. Besides, reinstalling the application is also a solution to try.

Method 2: Install iOS version 13.3.1 by computer

Most of the problems related to software stem from the fact that users perform the update operation of the new iOS version directly on the iPhone (via OTA). With the unstable network connection, it is easy to cause the installation package to fail and create problems later.

Therefore, you should try to download the iOS 13.3.1 firmware corresponding to the device in use and perform the update again (if there is no important data, select restore to remove all junk / errors files, the better). via iTunes software on a Windows computer, or Finder for newer Macs (older models can still use iTunes).

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Method 3: Upgrade to iOS 13.4 to fix the hot error on iOS 13.3.1

Although iOS 13.4 version is still in the beta phase, but if you feel too uncomfortable and can not wait any longer, you can refer to the article below to know how to update to the session. iOS 13.4 version to thoroughly fix the hot error when using the Facebook app.

Some noticeable changes on iOS 13.4 (Beta)

Share iCloud Folder (iCloud Folder Sharing)

The CarKey API allows turning the iPhone / Apple Watch into a car key

Added 9 new Memoji and Animoji

Improved Mail application interface

Add a new Shortcut to navigate the Photos app on iPad


Method 4: Use the Facbook Lite version

In case the first two methods do not work but do not want to update to iOS 13.4 (beta) version, you can choose Facebook Lite as a temporary solution to fix the hot error on iOS 13.3.1.

Currently, this application also fully supports the basic features compared to the original version, especially newly updated to a very impressive dark mode again.

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