iOS 13.5 again had a fatal error that prevented the app from opening

iOS 13.5 again had a fatal error that prevented the app from opening. Although it was only released a few days ago, iOS 13.5 has become one of the most unstable versions released by Apple. Recently, a series of iPhone users after updating to the latest version of iOS 13.5 released by Apple on May 21, simultaneously reported a serious error that caused applications to be installed on the device. cannot be used and forces the user to reload from the App Store.

Specifically, right after the iOS 13.5 update is successful, every time a user opens any application, they will receive the message “This app is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must download it from the App Store ”

According to 9to5Mac, the above problem seems to only occur for certain applications and is not limited to any application. 9to5Mac also said it seems that this issue is related to the iCloud Family Sharing feature, however, it may be because Apple’s server side blocks the verification of the application, making it unusable and forcing users to reload.

At the moment, Apple has not provided any feedback on this issue on iOS 13.5, nor is there a workaround. Users can only delete the app and download it from the App Store to continue using it. Some iOS users said that restarting the device can help reopen the application, but not everyone is “lucky” as such.

The new version of iOS 13.5 not only exists bugs that make users uncomfortable, it is even easier to crack. Right this morning (May 24), the unc0ver developer team released version 5.0.0 to allow the “jailbreak” jailbreak of all devices from iPhone 11 Pro Max and below running iOS 13.5, turning this version 13.5 become one of the most vulnerable versions of Apple.

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