Fix The error: Windows 10 cannot restart (reboot pc)

Fix The error: Windows 10 cannot restart (reboot pc), Because of that, we need to eliminate it immediately if the system is faulty, moreover you will also learn a trick on Windows 10, update knowledge for themselves in preventing errors occur. out during use.

Fix The error: Windows 10 cannot restart (reboot pc)
Fix The error: Windows 10 cannot restart (reboot pc)

you encounter a problem do not reset the win 10 and can not do the usual way, sure you have to reset your Windows 10.
Step 1: In case your computer fails to reset the win 10, there is a message appears There are problems resetting your PC – No changes were made, do the following, open the Start Menu, hold Shift and click on Restart to enter Advanced Options for Windows 10.

Step 2: Immediately after that computer will restart and you will notice there are 3 options, click on Troubleshoot to continue.

Step 3: Select Advanced Options, where we will fail to reset win 10 with Command Prompt.

Step 4: In the Advanced Options section, there are 6 items to help you restore Windows 10, but in this article we will use the Command Prompt to fail to reset win 10. You click on the Command Prompt to launch.

Step 5: Then you will wait for the machine to restart again to be able to access the Command Prompt, where you select the account to log on.

Step 6: Log in with your normal Windows 10 login password.

Step 7: When entering the Command Prompt interface, enter the following three lines in a row:
– cd% windir% system32 config
– ren system system.001
– ren software software.001

Then you turn off the Command Prompt and restart the computer and see the error does not reset the win 10 has been completely corrected.
With the error message does not reset win 10, you read a new trick in the case of want to reset Windows 10 but encountered the above error. And if you are reading is using Windows 10 then upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update now because on Windows 10 Creators Update has a lot of features to help you reset Windows 10 as well as without error status can not reset.

And whether you are using a Windows 10, old or new operating system, you also need to master the Win 10 shortcuts to work better on the operating system, with the shortcut win 10 will help you to sports. Work better, save time for work.

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