Fix error : system cannot find the file specified when setup Auto cad

When you install Auto CAD and have missing: The system cannot find the file specified when setup Auto cad. You can see the following method to fixed it.

Method 1: Error of setup file. : used another setup file
Method 2:Try emptying temp files and folders in% temp%If you still meet this error, please ask run as administrator  to delete the rich directory in C: users and log in again to create a new user profile in the computer (when deleted if the temp user errors stick to the registry delete the SID key).
Method 3:Check antivirus
Check all   AV program installed, or Windows defender have to Real-time? Check the history of those files to see if the file is retained. Many times in the process of extracting the AV or defend hug the setup.exe file then it can not be installed, or if the installation is complete but it has lost an .exe file or some DLL that leads to missing files. .


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