Common computer hardware errors – Symptoms and solutions

Common computer hardware errors – Symptoms and solutions. If your computer has any problems during use, you should first look at some simple computer problems related to hardware to be able to fix themselves in the list below. here we are.

Common computer hardware errors - Symptoms and solutions
Common computer hardware errors – Symptoms and solutions

Computer error related to the source

✦ Phenomenon:

– Power fan is not running, CPU fan is not running.

– The computer turned on but only used for a few minutes is turned off.

✦ Cause: The power cord fails to supply power to the computer, the power supply has a problem, main fault.

✦ How to fix:

– First try replacing another power cord to see if the computer is up. If not, please take your computer to a store or computer repair center to overcome the problems related to hardware is the power supply.

– If the computer has encountered a problem that can be used for a few minutes, it is turned off, turn on immediately, then do not come up, wait for a while, then turn on, please check whether the power supply is very dirty. Remove the power supply unit, clean the power fan and circuit.

Computer error related to Chip – CPU

✦ Phenomenon:

– Turn on the computer, the fan chip runs but nothing goes on,

– The computer will run for a while and then turn off automatically.

– The computer handles software programs that are stuttered, jerky, see YouTube at a time.

✦ Cause: The chip is damaged or the temperature of the chip is too hot and exceeds the allowed level

✦ How to fix:

– With the phenomenon of the computer turning on nothing but the chip – CPU, make sure you have to replace another CPU because the chip is broken, it cannot be fixed.

– With the remaining 2 phenomena, you just need to remove the computer to clean the radiator and chip fan. Then put heat on glue for Chip and then reinstall it.

Computer error related to Main – Motherboard

✦ Phenomenon:

– Turn the computer on and the computer beeps continuously, the chip fan will not run while the power supply is sufficient.

– Turn on the computer, the chip fan is still spinning but nothing is working.
– When turning on the computer, the Chip will turn back and turn off continuously.

✦ Cause: After a while using the main has faulty.

✦ How to fix: In case of computer failure caused by the main, you should first reset the main computer and maybe replace the CMOS Battery. Then turn on the computer to see whether it is up or not. If the computer does not work, then the computer is not up, it is best to take it to the store or call a repairman.

Computer error related to Ram

✦ Phenomenon:

– Turn on the computer and do not turn up, the chip fan still rotates but beeps continuously.

– The computer does not turn on, the chip fan rotates intermittently.

– If the computer is turned on, it can access the Windows operating system, but when using it for a while, there is a phenomenon of blue screen and white text.

✦ Cause: Ram has dirty contact pins or has Ram or Ram bad.

✦ How to fix:

– If the computer does not turn on and there is a continuous beep, disconnect the power and remove the Ram to clean the feet in contact with the Ram slot on the main by using a tea eraser on the foot of the ram, then taking a clean paper wipe it and then plug it back in to see if the computer is up. If not up, replace a different Ram.

– If the computer screen phenomenon blue white letters. Please reinstall the operating system first. Then see if all the phenomena are out. If not, call a technician to check if Ram is bad. If Ram is bad then you have to replace another Ram.

Computer error related to hard drive

✦ Phenomenon:

– Turn on the computer but cannot access the Windows operating system, the hard drive light cannot read.

– Computer often operating system error and often have to reinstall Windows.

✦ Cause: The hard drive is not recognized or the hard drive is bad.

✦ How to fix:

– With the phenomenon that the computer does not recognize the hard drive (tested in the BIOS still does not recognize), the first thing is you must re-plug the hard drive cable or if the hard drive cable is too old, you should use another cable to plug into it hard drive has not received to eliminate cable cause.

– If the hard drive does not recognize (not by cable), please replace with another hard drive or get repaired.

– In case the hard drive has a lot of important data, please stop the self-repair, disconnect the power and call us to fix it to minimize the risk of not recovering data in the hard drive.

– With the phenomenon of bad computer hard drive, the Windows operating system will often have errors and must reinstall Windows continuously. So you can cut the hard drive bad for use. However, cutting bad hard drive is only a temporary solution, if possible, you should replace another hard drive.

Computer error related to video card – VGA

✦ Phenomenon:

– The computer does not turn on anything, the power is still running, the chip fan is still running.

– When using the display is horizontal or vertical stripes.

– When using the computer for a while, the computer freezes or turns itself off.

✦ Cause: VGA error or death

✦ How to fix:

– With the phenomenon of the computer being used or being turned off, please remove the VGA to remove the heat sink and apply the VGA chip.

– With the phenomenon of nothing on the computer or horizontal stripes, vertical on the screen that caused by VGA please take to the store for repair.

Other computer errors

– Some computers turn on but do not see anything. First, check the switch on the computer case to see if it still works. The way to check is to unplug the switch on the main, pin 2 pin Power on the main to see if the computer can run.

– Because the computer has not been maintained for a long time, there is a lot of dirt attached to the components, which is also a reason why the computer cannot be used. Disassemble the computer components to clean for cleaning or call a mechanic to maintain the computer.

– For laptops with continuous power shutdown, every time you turn on the computer and turn it off automatically, it may be caused by the CPU – Chipset or Main chipset. Take your device to a repair shop to get it fixed.

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