Canon MF241d printer has an error message – How to identify and fix it

Canon MF241d printer error – How to identify and fix: Although Canon printer is considered one of the best and most durable printers today, it is difficult to avoid using and installing Canon printer. some errors. The following article will help you identify and fix those errors.

Canon MF241d printer has an error message - How to identify and fix it
Canon MF241d printer has an error message – How to identify and fix it


The green light stays still, the orange light flashes: (The number attached is an error that appears on your computer)

2 times: no paper or no CDs or DVDs

3 times: Paper jam (1300), duplex printing gear error (1303) or newspaper door switch switch being closed (1250)

4 times: running out of ink in the jar (1600): refill the ink and press the Resume / Cancel button

– Never installed ink (1660) or installed ink cartridges but have not been contacted (if exposed, the lights must be red)

5 times: without printhead installed (1401)

– high temperature print head sensor (1403)

– EEFPROM printhead error (1405)

6 times: printing paper but opening the disc tray (1841,1846,1851,1856,1850,1855)

7 times: C, M, Y, BK, and PGBK chips are mixed (1681,1680)

8 times: warning of waste toner overflow (1700). Press the Resume / Cancel key to continue printing or enter the service mode to clear the waste toner.

9 times: Camera or camcorder attached to the printer does not support Camera Direct Printing (2001)

10 times: Duplex function has problem with back side data (1310). Press the Resume / Cancel key to continue printing.

11 times: the printhead does not automatically align (2500). Press the Resume / Cancel key to exit the error, then enter the printer control on the computer to run Print Head Alignment again in the Maintenance Tab.

13 times: there is an ink tank that is missing ink (1683). Turn on the device, refill the bottle with the red light flashing, close the device, press and hold the Resume / Cancel key for 5 seconds, then remove your hand.

14 times: have an ink tank does not accept (1684) (cleaning chip contact of ink tanks).

15 times: Many ink bottles do not recognize (from 1410 to 1419) as the same error.

Error codes orange and green lights flashing alternately.

You wait for the green light to stop and start counting, for every orange light to blink, green light to blink once:

2 times: Carriage cluster error (5100)

3 times: error of paper pulling axis (6000) (it is a long shaft, not a paper roller) can be caused by dirty motor or sensor or film disc at the end of the shaft.

4 times: Sensor cam at faulty pump assembly (5C00)

5 times: Sensor cam pulls the paper in the upper tray error (5700)

6 times: The temperature on the main is too high (5400) due to the component on the main board being burnt.

7 times: Full waste toner (5B00). Entering service mode clears waste.

8 times: The print head temperature is too high (5200)

9 times: EEPROM ic error (6800)

11 times: The print head assembly cannot determine the coordinates when moving (5110).

12 times: Error of paper pulling part (6A00)

13 times: error of paper pulling motor (6B00)

14 times: Sensor error does not receive a paper when the motor has pulled the paper (6B10).

15 times: The computer still powers the printer via USB (9000)

16 times: Sensor suction pump ink defective.

17 times: Malfunction of main motor control (6D00)

19 times: turn on the device while opening the cover, light enters so the device cannot read the lights on the ink tanks (turn off the device, darken the device and then turn on the power)

20 times: because the print head is short, causing the mainboard to be short (this disease only has to replace the new mainboard) (6500)

Orange and green lights blinking continuously without rules: ROM error

The orange light flashes but does not flash: RAM error

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