Use laptop battery charger properly

Use laptop battery charger properly. Currently, the number of laptop users is increasing, meaning that the number of people using charging is increasing. But how to use laptop charger is right, not everyone knows this to keep the laptop’s durability as well as laptop battery.

Use laptop battery charger properly
Use laptop battery charger properly


His father had the phrase “Good at the user”. Yes, if we want longevity, we need to know how to use it properly. Laptop in general and laptop battery charger in particular, too. 

1. How to plug charger properly

Advice for you when plugging the laptop’s battery charger is that you should plug the power into the socket first then plug the charger into your computer.

2. Do not use a different type of charger for your laptop

Currently each laptop is designed with a specific charger that is suitable for the machine and does not have any charger that can be used for all laptops. Therefore, choosing the right charger with the correct power input cannot be underestimated. The consequences of choosing the wrong charger will cause your laptop to be damaged or even fire may occur if the power source is not suitable for the machine.

3. Can charge while charging

You can both charge and use the laptop this does not affect the laptop battery bottle. Because current laptops have very advanced technology with automatic mode does not charge when the battery is full, so it is not necessary to unplug the charger.

4. Some other notes

In addition, you should note a few things when using laptop charger to make your laptop more durable:

– Use the original adapter of the machine, if the original adapter is lost or damaged, please replace it with genuine adapter, OEM adapter has quality tested.

– When it rains, do not plug the charger into the power source to use the laptop to avoid the situation of lightning or fire.

– Do not expose the charger to liquids that could easily cause short-circuit damage.

– Avoid dropping, bumping, damaging charging. This can cause chip peeling, cracking, which is very dangerous to open the circuit.

– During the charging process, if the battery is depleted quickly or is unusually hot, you need to check hygiene again at the point of electrical contact on the battery.

– Especially do not let the device overheat and do not charge the device overnight.

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