Review HP folio 9480m laptop

Review HP folio 9480m laptop. If you are a businessman, office worker or people who are looking for their own but the laptop is both modern and aesthetic, trendy and meets high criteria such as thin, sophisticated design. International, rugged, strong performance.

Review HP folio 9480m laptop
Review HP folio 9480m laptop

About the design

HP folio 9480m can be said to be the perfect laptop and has the most beautiful design in the current business laptop series. Appearance “Luxurious but not too glossy”, elegant in the mix of 2 colors black and silver. Combining the magnesium frame with the luxurious aluminum cover.

HP Folio 9480m is quite impressive with a weight of only 1.61Kg and only 1.89cm thick so it is called Macbook running Windown.

Modern design, full ports, impressive battery life up to 8 hours, HP Foli 9480m is a formidable competitor for Thinkpad T440s, Thinkpad X1 Carbon, Dell Latitude E7440….

The connecting port

The HP Folio 9480m has been cut down on the CD drive so the new machine weight is significantly reduced, the seamless design makes the Folio 9480m much simpler.

Left side: (1) Charging port, (2) heat sink, (3) locking port, (4) USB 3.0 Chargin, (5) 3.5 headset, (6) Smart card reader

Right edge: (1) 2 USB 3.0, (2) DisplayPort output, (3) Memory card Reader, (4) VGA display output, (5) Wide dockking, (6) LAN RJ-45 network.


The HP Folio 9480m has 4th generation CPU chips with either an i5 or i7 option

For Ultrabook series only work with light intensity, serving the basic office software, it does not need to be too strict in performance. HP Folio 9480m with Core i5 Intel Graphics 4400 graphics card can also serve daily tasks well.

Other than the elder Folio 9470m RAM on HP Folio 9480m is PC3L ram, Buss 1600MHz power saving RAM, support up to 16Gb with 2 slots. Dual boot tubo support running in 2 channels greatly enhances performance.

The hard drive on the Folio 9480m is usually only mounted on the 2.5 slot in addition to the HP Folio 9480m also supports the standard 2242 M.2 slot (quite rare). For office work on Folio 9480m, just attaching an SSD of 256Gb is more than enough to store and work speed is increased quickly.

Visibility on the HP Folio 9480m with 14in anti-glare screen with 2 resolution options are HD (1366×768) or HD + (1600 × 900).

Keyboard and touchpad

HP Folio 9480m keyboard is designed as a chiclet, separate keys. Due to the alloy frame, the keypress feels firm, smooth. Keys have good elasticity, plastic material and paint on the keys. The feeling of typing on the Folio 9480m is similar to that of the Macbook Pro.

Touchpad of the machine is a multi-touch touchpad, good touch feeling. Spacious size, comfortable. Swipes with many fingers, drag and drop for good feedback.


With a very good price of only about VND 11 million for an ultra-high-class imported laptop such as the HP Folio 9480M, this will be a bright choice for consumers with extremely high-end beautiful designs made from high quality aluminum material, strong configuration but save electricity, cool, durable.

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