Microsoft’s new Edge browser is coming soon through Windows Update!

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is coming soon through Windows Update! Microsoft is starting to launch its new Edge browser through Windows Update. The Chromium-based Edge version debuted in January of this year, but Windows users must download it themselves. A support article from Microsoft notes that Edge is now available on Windows Update, meaning that it will soon appear on over 1 billion Windows 10 devices in use.

It seems that Edge will be installed automatically via Windows Update on Windows 10 version 1803 and above. Including most versions of Windows 10 is currently supported, which means it will soon be available in Windows Update for everyone. As always, this is an initial introduction, so you may not see it immediately on Windows Update but have to wait.

Microsoft has gradually improved Edge in recent months, including the ability to sync extensions. Unfortunately, history and tab synchronization are still not supported, but Microsoft has promised to enable this feature in the summer.

Microsoft is also planning to bring vertical tabs, a new sidebar search feature, and Pinterest integration into Edge in the coming months. Microsoft has also worked with Google to improve the spell checker, support page scrolling, and is also actively working on improving the Progressive Web Application (PWA) support on Edge.

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