Laptop main error, causes and how to fix it?

Laptop main error, causes and how to fix it?. Computer failure, laptop is something no one wants, especially the main. Because when the laptop has a main fault, it can lead to “consuming” the replacement to half the value of the machine. Therefore, to prevent disease, you need to know where the laptop’s main cause is and how to fix it. Follow the article below to get an answer right away!

Laptop main error, causes and how to fix it?
Laptop main error, causes and how to fix it?

What is the culprit causing the laptop to get the main error

– Temperature

Temperature is always the number 1 enemy with electronics, including the main. When the temperature increases, the pins will be exposed, causing capacitor death, edema, fire circuit, and expansion slots to run. Which causes the temperature of the computer to rise again is due to the user does not clean and maintain the machine according to the specifications.

– Short circuit

Short circuit is the phenomenon of a circuit being pulled at a certain point, making the circuit impedance smaller, causing the current in the circuit to increase dramatically and the voltage drop causing damage to the main.

– Laptop is sticky with water

During use, you accidentally accidentally stained the laptop with water. This is the main cause of extremely serious failure, if not promptly handled, can lead to the main fire and can not be restored.

– Lightning strike

Lightning struck main laptop damage? It sounds like a myth but it is true. If you are using a laptop during a rain or thunderstorm. When lightning strikes an electrical device that is connected to your laptop, it is easy to cause your computer to have a main error.

– Degraded components

Everything has longevity, just like bad people. Therefore, you cannot ask for a device that can live with you forever and work forever. Because at the time of production, the companies set the time to use for each of their devices. After the expiry date, the device will start generating errors, you need to replace or repair to continue using.

How to fix when the laptop main error

To effectively overcome the situation laptop main error you only have the only solution is to replace the main, so which circumstances need to replace the main?
– VGA chip error: In the process of closing the chip, fixing VGA many times will lead to components around the VGA region which cannot withstand the temperature, causing the chip to be damaged. Therefore, if you want the machine to work stably, you should replace the main for laptop at the genuine store.
– Laptop with water: If the laptop has water, but you still try to hope to fix the main to save costs, but we recommend replacing the main. Because even if you fix it, the error will quickly come back and the cost of repairing it the next time will be more expensive than the replacement.
– Main laptop is overheated: Just some peripheral devices have unstable electric current, when plugged into the laptop can lead to the situation of destroying the entire main on the laptop.
– Bios die: A failed upgrade of the BIOS or death of the BIOS may lead to a failure of the main unit.
In short, the fastest way to overcome this situation is to replace the main one . You should bring the device through a reputable, professional laptop repair shop to get genuine parts replaced!

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