Tell you the signs of broken computer should know the main

Tell you the signs of broken computer should know the main. The main computer is a very important part of the task to control all activities of the computer. In the main there are many circuits associated with other parts such as ICs, chipsets, capacitors, … Therefore, once the main is broken, it will cause the computer to stop working. So where are the signs of broken computer main you should know to pay attention and bring your computer to a reputable repair center?

Tell you the signs of broken computer should know the main
Tell you the signs of broken computer should know the main

The main signs of broken computer:

Damaged main computer will often appear one of the warning signs such as:

  • VGA error: the computer may still boot normally but do not display images.
  • Bios error: although the machine is running but not on the screen, accompanied by the continuous flashing of the numlock and caps lock keys.
  • Error of ram slot: the device does not appear, accompanied by a beep.
  • Error matching: when operating the computer or hang midway.
  • Card sound error: the computer is unable to make sound
  • IC, I / O error: the computer does not accept any connection from peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB, HDD …
  • Error of charging circuit: laptop is not powerless, the battery cannot be charged even though the charger and battery are still functioning normally.
  • Power error: the computer may not be running or the operation is flickering.

What causes the main computer to be damaged?

The following are the main reasons why a computer is damaged:

Main use has long been degraded:

After a long time using an electronic device, of course, none will work forever without any damage. The main computer, too, every time the machine runs the main will operate at maximum capacity from day to day, so it is very easy to cause the main state to be degraded. At this time you should replace the new main because if it takes a long time, you will have to change to a new computer.

Due to the short circuit phenomenon:

The main computer failure can occur due to a short circuit – this is the situation when the circuit is short-circuited at a certain point, causing the current in the circuit to increase dramatically. At the same time, the voltage drop directly affects the main laptop.

Accidentally pouring water on the computer:

Accidentally pouring water on the computer is very common because users always have the habit of placing a glass of water near the machine while using the device to work and drink. According to experts, this is the cause of the main failure is quite serious. Not to mention, if you do not power off the computer quickly, it may cause an irreversible explosion.

Due to a lightning strike:

Lightning strikes can be rare but not uncommon during a thunderstorm. Moreover, computers and main devices are electronic devices, so when lightning strikes them, it is easy for the machine to fail.

The computer is hot:

In addition to the above reasons, when the computer is hot is also a case that makes the main computer hardest. Not to mention, other parts inside the machine can also be damaged by, open, dead capacitors, capacitor, or short circuit … That the computer is hot because you do not clean – periodic machine maintenance.

Should fix the old main or replace it?

In the era of modern technology and technology like today, repairing the main computer is not too complicated or difficult. In minor errors, the main computer can be completely repaired to help bring your computer back to the best state. Conversely, if the main cause of failure due to long-term use, degradation or the main situation is worse, you may need to replace it. 

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