Fix Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed

Fix Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. I have an Acer Aspire E1-510_Z5WE3_LA-A621P REV-1.0 failed to boot into the hard drive, USB, DVD drive even though the BIOS is fully recognized device and in BIOS I also set the Boot mode from the DVD drive. … but when I press the F12 key to enter the Boot Menu, I still get the error “No bootable device, hit any key.”
When you start your computer and press Alt + F10 to enter Recovery mode, you receive the following error message: “Default device boot failure or boot failure.” Insert recovery media and hit any key then select. Device or to Boot Recovery Media “
Note: Another hard drive has been replaced, another DVD is not.
In BIOS SATA mode la AHCI and Boot mode UEFI can not be customized.
Who has the BIOS of this laptop please help me.
Anyone with experience with this PAN please share your help. Thanks !!!

In bios disable secure boot mode , then restart and enable legacy and then select dvd as first boot device

1. Restart

2. Press F2

3. Go to “Boot”

4. In Boot mode, select “Legacy Support”
hope that helps

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