Error message board color inkjet printer Canon IX6770

Error message board color inkjet printer Canon IX6770. Table error and how to handle simple inkjet printers Canon IX6770 Canon IX6870 and IX6860 Canon and how to fix these errors like. Here are would like to introduce table common error and error correction techniques printers:

Error message board color inkjet printer Canon IX6770
Error message board color inkjet printer Canon IX6770

When the Canon lamp is green, stand still and the orange light will blink:

(counts lights flashing orange accompanied by a fault report appears to know on the computer)

– 2 times : no paper , no paper receipt or no CD

– 3 times : duplex printing gear error (1303) or newspaper door switch switch being closed (1250) Paper jam (1300),

– 4 times : the ink tank alarm runs out of ink (1600): use the cylinder to fill the ink and press the Resume / Cancel key on the machine – You may have installed the ink cartridge (1660) or the ink tank chip installed but could not contact it due to dirty chips (if the contact is good , the ink tanks light must be red) overcome by cleaning the chip – 5 times : you have not installed the print head (1401) , do not accept the print head – or the temperature sensor high print head (1403) – EEFPROM error printhead error ( 1405 )

– 6 times : printed paper, but do not close the tray in the CD (1841,1846,1851,1856,1850,1855)

– 7 times : Chip C, M, Y, BK, not properly installed dual cartridge (1681.1680 )

– 8 times : overflow counter or waste toner overflow (1700). Press the Resume / Cancel key to continue printing or use the software to erase the memory.

– 9 times : The camera or camcorder attached to the Printer does not support Camera Direct Printing (2001)

– 10 times : The duplex function fails with the back side data (1310). Press the Resume / Cancel key to continue printing.

– 11 times: the print head does not automatically adjust (2500). Press the Resume / Cancel key to exit the error, then go to the Inkjet Printer control on the computer to run Print Head Alignment again in the Maintenance Tab – 13 times : run out of ink in the box of a certain bottle (1683). Open the lid, refill the ink tank into which the red light is flashing, close the device, press and hold the Resume / Cancel key for 5 to 8 seconds, and then remove your hand. – 14 times : there was a cartridge in the machine that did not receive (1684) (using RP7 to wipe the chip’s contact chip). – 15 times : the whole set of ink didn’t receive (from 1410 to 1419) cleaned like the error of 14 lights

Error message of Canon Inkjet printer with orange light and green light flashing, according to rule 1-2.

(When the green light stops, we start counting, for every orange light to blink and then the green light will count as 1 count)

– 2 times : Carriage cluster error reporting machine (5100)
– 3 times : Checking the paper pulling error (6000) (called the horizontal axis, not the paper roller) may be due to the motor or sensor error or the mounted film disc. Dirty shaft ends should be cleaned

– 4 times : Cam sensor at ink cartridge error (5C00) check suction
– 5 times : Cam sensor pulls the paper in the upper tray error (5700) Check the tray on the paper pull
– 6 times : Main burnt or short-circuited The main temperature is high (5400) instead of main
– 7 times : Waste toner spill (5B00). Reset the device by key or software
– 8 times : the print head jam causes the print head temperature to rise (5200)
– 9 times : EEPROM IC error (6800)
– 11 times : The print head error fails to determine the coordinates when Move should smash to the sides (5110).
– 12 times : Checking the faulty paper puller (6A00)
– 13 times : Motor pulling the error paper (6B00)
– 14 times: Error reading paper when the eye does not reflect light (6B10)
– 15 times : Computer supplies the printer via USB (9000)
– 16 times : check the ink suction sensor.
– 17 times : Motor control error (6D00)
– 19 times : Open the safety latch without closing the door.

– 20 times : The nozzle is pulled with the main short, the best way to fix it is to buy a new machine (6500)

Note other errors:

– If the Orange light is flashing continuously green without the rule: ROM error
– If the Orange light is on but the machine is not flashing: RAM error

This is an error table and troubleshooting directions of Canon Inkjet printers in general and Canon IX6770 Inkjet printers in particular that I want to send to you who are using canon inkjet references

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