Compare AMD and Intel chips on the consumer’s view

Compare AMD and Intel chips on the consumer’s view. When i was a student, my friend have a desktop what’s cpu  with 2 core chips. AMD Intel then go back one step on the line with 2 cpu’s, then released some children intel pentium D cpu 2 children petium mounted on one substrate-die 4 (codename Smithfield), hot ball and consuming full power , At that time the clock Petium 3.4 D 925 at his friend’s famous epic. In this article I will introduce you to compare the two lines together on this cpu consumer perspective, accessible
First learn through 2 Intel and AMD:

Intel Corporation (better known as Intel, stylized as intel) is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Intel is one of the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers, based on revenue.[3] It is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers. Intel supplies processors for computer system manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, HP and Dell. Intel also makes motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing. Intel Corporation was founded on July 18, 1968, by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andrew Grove, Intel combines advanced chip design capability with a leading-edge manufacturing capability.


AMD or Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) is a manufacturer of semiconductor integrated multinational headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA.Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, United States, that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets. While initially it manufactured its own processors, the company became fabless after GlobalFoundries was spun off in 2009. AMD’s main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and embedded systems applications.
AMD is the second-largest supplier and only significant rival to Intel in the market for x86-based microprocessors. Since acquiring ATI in 2006, AMD and its competitor Nvidia have dominated the discrete graphics processor unit (GPU) market.

First, then, in the village of current CPUs, Intel has prevailed almost entirely on the array processor, in addition to the company’s remaining completely straight cpu array to serve machines. The stock continued to increase in recent years recorded its merits in the birth premium line SSD hard drive memory.

Under the perspective of consumers, Intel CPUs have the following basic advantages compared to AMD:
– Bien-line spectrum available in any computer company
– Many manufacturers of motherboard supporting the Intel CPU, main intel cpu very much for a very good and even low-level mainboard line that some companies such as Foxconn or Asrock production.
– Selling prices and extremely easy to sell the old machine, so you can easily upgrade the machine life.
– CPU clock always moderate, not too high, so not too hot, especially in the main chipset support for this line is extremely good. That is why it is almost impossible laptops use AMD CPUs.
There is a lot of intel -Main repairman and support, so even if you use the latter advanced main problem is still a lot of places for you to edit

Advantages of AMD vs Intel:
– Cheaper and always on top at the list p / p (price / profit). Actually, in this business is evident.
– Higher CPU clock should run the same games or graphics chips are always surpassed, but it causes for both the CPU and chipset heat support (always hot fire), so is its main line if the lip the hot and humid like Vietnam, quickly broken.

AMD CPU or selected should select Intel:
– If you are a regular consumer, the In Vietnam, you should select Intel Corporation’s success because it’s so popular and economical, easy to sell, like truck manufacturers in North Vietnam crying than trucks Min Tau dress. AMD you can buy cheap but fails 2nd bear and is later sold devaluation, did not know to whom.
– If you are a bar vóc enthusiasts, like to play games, pocket money not too available, want to use the new map, I recommend you choose AMD, a lot cheaper, main + cpu only 60-70% of the price with the same performance intel. If you regularly clean the air-conditioned rooms, it should do the trick Sailing cheaply.

Note when buying AMD combo: Select Asus and Giga main, this is the second best design firm for this CPU line, with the protected design to prevent the risk of AMD CPU mainboad

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