A few mainboard errors are common in computers today

A few mainboard errors are common in computers today. The mainboard is an important part of the computer, so it can be said though not directly controlling the CPU or VAG. However, this beautiful little board helps to connect the hardware components together. As with all hardware components, when operating for a long time, the mainboard will often encounter certain errors. The mainboard error if not promptly repaired will certainly affect the quality of use. By understanding a few of the common motherboard errors will help you can have timely remedies and remedies. So what are the errors? Join us to find out.

A few mainboard errors are common in computers today
A few mainboard errors are common in computers today

General overview of mainboard errors

The mainboard errors will usually appear after long periods of use and directly affect the operation of other parts. If detected promptly and have the necessary knowledge, you can completely fix it at home without additional cost of repair.

However, it should be noted that for users who do not have much knowledge of the main, please bring them to the most reputable repair addresses to quickly overcome this situation.

Error not receiving expansion card, AGP, Sound, RAM, …

As one of the basic and common motherboard errors , when the motherboard does not recognize the card, it will cause the computer to lose sound or unable to run RAM. According to computer experts, the cause of this situation is mainly based on the contact between the main with the expansion card or it may be due to the RAM being dusty or rusted for a long time without being dirty, leading to poor contact.

The repair is extremely simple. You just need to clean these parts, especially the pins, then try again or move to another slot and try again, you can immediately stop the error of not receiving this card.

Dead BIOS error

The BIOS died mainly because the upgrade of this component encountered an error that failed to upgrade successfully. However, in some cases you still need to use the main test card to check the cause for sure.

The solution to overcome when the mainboard error according to this situation you should do it is to look for motherboard manufacturers, models, Fix …. Then you go online to find the BIN file of the BIOS to download and bring it to the ROM copy service where they can copy it to run the BIOS again at no additional cost.


The main capacitor is quite important in the connection. These mainboard errors often occur, mainly due to the unstable source of power, leading to the phenomenon that the computer is often frozen and unable to do anything. A very noticeable sign is that the capacitors on the main panel will swell above the head in a diagonal direction.

To overcome this situation, you can only buy a completely new 3300uF / 16V capacitor instead.

Error there is no image on the screen

On some computers, when you are using it, you suddenly notice that the screen has absolutely no images, although there is a power light on it and the lights are constantly flashing. This mainboard error usually comes from the fact that a component has been touched on, mainly it may be a component, an ic or a BGA chip.

Error completely paralyzed laptop / PC

When the computer suddenly becomes completely paralyzed, there is no LED signal when pressing the power button, it is better to check the adapter jacks because they may be exposed, loose, not contact well, causing short circuit fuse. Mainboard error status is referred to by computer experts as “Source Pan”.

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