What’s new in Visio 2016 – what is the biggest change in visio 2016

What’s new in Visio 2016 – what is the biggest change in visio 2016. The version up to date in 2015. The biggest change for Microsoft visio.

What's new in Visio 2016 - what is the biggest change in visio 2016
What’s new in Visio 2016 – what is the biggest change in visio 2016

One-step data connectivity with Excel data

Previously, you were several clicks away from connecting your diagram to Excel data. But in Visio Professional 2016, it takes only one step. Just make sure there is a one-to-one match between values in an Excel column, and the text for each shape in the diagram. You can even swap data graphics more easily in this version. Try it out yourself. Click the Data tab, and then click Quick Import.

Information Rights Management (IRM) protection for Visio files

Visio Professional 2016 now offers Information Rights Management (IRM) features. Now you can help protect sensitive information from leakage. Simply go to File > Info > Protect Diagram > Restrict Access. Then you can specify who can view, and who can change the file.

TIP: In Outlook, you can set IRM protection on an email message. For example, you can set the email message to be Read Only. If you attach a Visio file to that message, the file will also be set to read only.

Modernized shapes for Office Layouts

The Office Layout template now has many redesigned shapes that are more modern than the previous versions. Check them out by going to File > New, and then search for Office Layout.

Detailed shapes for Site Plans

Landscape design has never been so detailed in Visio Professional 2016. Go to File > New, and then search for Site Plan. You’ll have dozens of updated shapes to suit your every need.

Updated shapes for Floor Plans

In Visio Professional 2016, go to File > New, and then search for the Floor Plan template. That’s the one to use for commercial building design, architectural layout, and so on. The redesigned shapes for this template are more detailed in this version.

Modern shapes for Home Plans

Need to design a kitchen or bathroom remodel? In Visio Professional 2016, the Home Plan template is the perfect solution. And it’s easier than ever with new and modern shapes. Try them out by going to File > New, and then search for Home Plan.

IEEE compliant shapes for Electrical diagrams

In Visio Professional 2016, the shapes within the Basic Electrical template are compliant with the IEEE standard and are more readable than before. Go to File > New, and search for Basic Electrical. Once you add shapes to the page, you’ll notice that there are additional shape “smarts” with this template. Drag a shape onto a connector, and it will “autosnap.” This means the one connector will split into two, and the two connectors will automatically join to the ends of the shape. Plus, many of the shapes auto-number themselves as they are placed on the page.

Starter diagrams

For various templates, you don’t have to face a blank canvas anymore. Just pick one of the starter diagrams, and then simply change the text, try out the tips, and start diagraming. To try this out yourself, go to File > New, and then search for these any of these:

  1. Audit diagram 
  2. Basic Flowchart 
  3. Basic Network Diagram 
  4. Cross-Functional Flowchart 
  5. Organization chart wizard 
  6. Gantt Chart 
  7. Timeline 
  8. Work Flow Diagram 
  9. If you have Visio Professional 2016, you also get starter diagrams with these templates: 
  10. BPMN Diagram 
  11. Detailed Network Diagram 
  12. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Workflow 
  13. UML Class 
  14. UML Sequence 
  15. UML Use Case 
  16. Value Stream Map 

Do things quickly with Tell Me

You’ll notice a text box on the ribbon in Visio 2016 that says Tell me what you want to do. This is a text field where you can enter words and phrases related to what you want to do next. You can also choose to get help related to what you’re looking for.

New themes for the Visio program

There are now three Office themes that you can apply to the Visio program: Colorful, Dark Gray, and White. To access these themes, go to File > Options > General, and then click the drop down menu next to Office Theme.

How to start with visio 2016

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