What is CMOS? Is it important to your computer?

What is CMOS? Is it important to your computer? CMOS (short for Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) is the term to refer to a small amount of memory on a computer board, stored in the BIOS. Some of these BIOS settings have time and date on the system as well as hardware settings.

What is CMOS? Is it important to your computer?
What is CMOS? Is it important to your computer?

What is Cmos battery?

The computer uses a small size battery attached directly to the main in a special position to provide the power for the Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor chip to work most stable even if the computer is plugged in. or not. The advantage of this chip is that it uses very little power, so the Cmos battery is quite compact. Please follow along with an introduction to what is the function of Pin Cmos right below.

Most motherboards have their own place for CMOS batteries, but some small computers like laptops and tablets have an additional section to place the CMOS battery, which connects to the board with a small wire.


Used to provide sustained power for the Cmos chip to function properly. Because of the independent power supply from the battery, this unit is able to give accurate information about some updated parameters on the computer even when the device is in the off state such as:

  • System date and time
  • List and drive order to find the operating system booting the machine
  • Information about the drive
  • Set for peripherals
  • Set password protection

Cmos battery out, damage cause harm?

Many people wonder if the Cmos battery will have an effect, the following review and introduction will help users to know what are the common problems related to Cmos battery, the easiest way to fix it.

Usually the main function of Pin Cmos is to supply power to the Cmos circuit board to operate stably so that it can save the configuration and exact time of the system.

When running out of battery Cmos, users encounter some problems such as incorrect date and time display, many cases leading to inability to access the internet.

When manually adjusting the time in the time setting, users can only use the normal internet connection at that time. The following times all encountered the same error.

In addition, the Cmos battery also helps to save BIOS configuration information, when the battery runs out, the user encounters an error that the device cannot be booted or the boot does not start on the screen.

This causes annoying problems for users when operating on the computer.

What happens if I reinsert the Cmos battery?

If your motherboard does not have a “CLEAR CMOS” jumper. You can usually clear the CMOS setting by removing the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery provides power that is used to save BIOS settings. So removing the battery will remove the NvRam power supply and delete the installation.

Why use a Cmos battery, not an ordinary battery?

CMOS is often used on battery-powered devices because they consume less power than other types of chips. Although using both positive and negative polarization circuits (NMOS and PMOS), only one of the two types was used at a time.

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