The error: Gigabit lan only transfer file at 11MB/S

The error: Gigabit lan only transfer file at 11MB/S. I am transferring data from the old machine to the new one by plugging in the two LANs directly, setting the static IP and copying from the share folder but I do not understand how Speed is only 11MB / s, is this the fastest copy speed when transferring Data over the LAN?

Gigabit networks are 1Gb = 1 gigabit = 1k / 8 = 125MB / s = 125 MegaBytes / sec. Actually it’s odd but it’s easy to skip.

But that is the theoretical speed. Slow speeds may be due to small file copying, network woes are out of place, too far, or simply due to software errors somewhere (this is the most difficult to fix). Each copy of movie from win 10> win 7 two machines separated by 2m, get 100MBs but drop down 20-30MBs after 30 seconds. Google fix everything up, up the other machine up to win 10 ~ ~ 100MBs from start to finish, and still do not know why.
It depends on the speed of the LAN card in the machine and the HDD speed. If 1000Mbps is about 30 – 50 MB / s. But the cable also affected, if the 100Mbps wire is 11MB / s is correct then.

If the LAN card of both machines is 1000Mbps then you buy 1000Mbps wire is.

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