Summary of PC Mag by Mathew Buzzi’s review on ALIENWARE M15r4.ARE M15r4

Summary of PC Mag by Mathew Buzzi’s review on ALIENWARE M15r4.ARE M15r4. Summary of PC Mag by Mathew Buzzi’s initial review of Alienware’s latest 15, ALIENWARE M15r4.

Mathew’s version is priced at $ 2499 ~ 57,500,000 VND with Intel i7 10750 H configuration, 16GB Ram, 1TB Nvme SSD and Green Team 30x Ampere graphics card: Nvidia RTX 3070 (for this year Nvidia is playing so I don’t know if it is maxQ, normal version or Super)

Here is a summary:

– The original design has not changed.

– The inside is identical except for upgrading to Card 3070.

– Benchmark shows that the 3070 card is 25-30% stronger than 2080 Super, but put into practice when playing the game the difference is only 10-15 fps.

– The 3070 on the Laptop does not bring impressive results like the brother on the Desktop has done, with Ray Tracing and Full HD, with Ultra setting, the Fps is lucky to fall at 60 fps (Metro Exodus). Mathew thinks Ray Tracing and 4K are still not really come together.

– Oled display is gorgeous but perhaps not Competitive for games. Buy 144 hz for better game experience.

– Mathew advises you if you already own m17 r3 2070 or 2080 you don’t need to go up to 3070 yet because the difference is not significant. You should buy this year’s m15 r4 when you have a lapel or a card that is too weak to experience the ultimate game, just buy it.

– This year’s battery is quite impressive with 6h 45 p Onscreen, while the battery capacity is unchanged. Maybe it’s because the screen Oled saves power + he turned off the Wifi to test the video.

Well, for $ 2350 for 3070+ 4K maybe Dell already knows we know us better than before. But the temperature and fan noise are still terrible.

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