MSI is the first to use resizable BAR technology on laptops

MSI is the first to use resizable BAR technology on laptops. Currently, MSI is the first company to use resizable BAR technology on laptops, promising to maximize the performance of the newly launched RTX 30 series GPU. But what exactly is resizable BAR, and why does it increase fps in the game.

MSI is the first to use resizable BAR technology on laptops
MSI is the first to use resizable BAR technology on laptops

This is basically an enhancement of the PCI Express standard, allowing the CPU to access the entire VRAM of the graphics card, instead of having only 256MB as before. This 256MB limit is actually … there’s no reason to exist, it’s just a remnant of the old days when the graphics card VRAM wasn’t as big as it is today.

When playing the game, the resources for rendering (object model, shader, texture, etc.) will be pre-set in VRAM. While processing the game, the CPU will access the VRAM, literally to dictate that one or the other file should be used for rendering, and then this command will be given to the GPU to perform. uses the selected files and composes the final frame. Previously, there was a limit of only 256MB of VRAM that could be accessed at a time, so if the file you want to look for is outside that memory area, you will have to queue for your turn, resulting in a delay.

With resizable BAR, this limit is no longer available, so the communication between CPU and GPU is more seamless, thereby increasing fps in the game. Depending on the game, the fps can increase more or less, but currently most are in the range from 5-10% (especially games like AC: Valhalla increase to nearly 20% fps). Especially, 1% FPS (ie the frames that take the most time to edit) has been significantly improved, so the overall fps will be more stable.

Suddenly increasing fps free is fine, but unfortunately resizable BAR must come with a specific CPU and GPU combo to work. For example, with AMD (the unique name for this technology is Smart Access Memory), only the 5000 series CPU + RX6000 series GPU can be used (and since the RX6000M has not been installed yet, the current laptop team still has to wait). For the nVidia team it is currently possible to whip models with Intel CPU + GPU RTX 30 to use resizable BAR.

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