Review hp elitebook 8460p second hand

Review hp elitebook 8460p second hand. linkdown its standard driver of your offline (Watch the video end of the article and follow the standard Mild crucial for it to operate smoothly, durable, not heat and shock lag)
Link to website down driver:

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Yesterday after the farewell people about, naturally did not want to do anything anymore, bored sitting chan pulled the Hp 8460p 2 new generation of the test, install windows 7 64bit hỳ butting top view different from zero. The results were a surprise, look at the ratings for this show worth spending more than 4 hours to test the machine: (click on image to view larger image)
benchmark points
Computer Configuration
-CPU: i5 cpu life Typically 2 (25xx or 24xx) support to Core i7-2720QM highest. Hp 8470p machines and upgrade to i7, then you should choose -2xxx M i7 chips (chip QM very hot)
– Chipset: Mobile Intel QM67 Express chip set line of 6x or less most do not support sata 3. Should you upgrade your hard drive does not need to buy to sata 3 offline.
– Ram: Supports 1066 and 1333 ddram 3 Buss, the HP 8460p is the highest upgrade 16GB
-In Production: 23/2/2011 Weight: 2.03 kg ex-factory price: 999 USD (excluding taxes offline)
General assessment:
Review Score truly makes her surprise, long familiar with the ah550 then not notice anything about the performance. True 8460p hp generation 2nd generation line, use i-generation Core 2 chips are too sensible for anyone using the software auto cad and not too heavy on the render. And demand is normally present in abundance for at least the next 5 years and longer, because office software is increasingly streamlining.
Test completed this child find unknown ancient source, the new buyer for the few new little brother more than 9 tr see really charge, ram also has 2 gb only, which again is the low level. But actually that is also safe alternatives, as in this old world a new map shows confidence how important it is, if not fluent, you can eat cheap and chips 1 child paste.
Overall assessment of the former 8460p models on the market today
– The first is to configure:
+ Chips: Core i5 2nd generation until 3711 -2540M benchmark point, and really is half the Core i5 530 in the LifeBook are taking this ah550
+ 4GB DDR 3 Ram, bus in 1333, the line of business of this ram, the peace of mind, the whole ram delicious all right.
+ This is the most unexpected thing: the battery in 2 hours. her removed, update and install the style, listen to music from 11h58 10h5 to 20% longer battery life – really do not know how you all, but the battery of a used machine that really matter like this, too.
Photo Beginning remove the battery for about 5 minutes to update
Photo taken at 11h14 is approximately 48%
+ About screen (14 “) and keyboard, English keyboard, typing is like. In general, the lines on this 1200USD plant materials are all high-end (this child at birth is not can win the copyright, will cost about 100 dollars cheaper than the machine can win copyright). the screen is very bright and beautiful, really high-end lines, the screen is never phenomenon wavy pattern and after a period of use, durability and toughness brightness. generally a lot more than the bottom line 20 p.
New 12h48 almost done all drivers to get down these must downdriver hotkey- directly when installing win 64bit
+ About HDD: Supports up to sata 2 so as to upgrade the sata drive you just bought 2 is.
+ About interfaces: Hp 8460p without HDMI port but you can still export the whole picture and sound DispalyPort:
About performance:
+ Machine run continuously for more than 4 hours clock, when Ben tried to check mark the power of the new machine that runs much cooler series. Besides the high-end machines that this thick soles are often very good heat dissipation.
+ Speakers are increasingly used as seen really hp line than other lines at the same price or more for a lot of speakers. This is one of the major advantages of Hp.
+ Machine monolithic white aluminum shell, look beautiful, compact design. But this is also the downside of the HP machine, if not carefully kept looking at the unfortunate collision or it will quickly look old and ugly.
+ Finally, plant good support all kinds win win even 8.1, with full driver for it on the home page of the hp
– HP 8460p screen 1366×768 machines drawback is the Intel HD graphics driver update 3000 will be ambiguous error screen when not plugged in (standalone battery only) – You fix by reducing the frequency to 40Hz or reset HD old intel driver as possible.
Overall assessment of the level of money in 2016 from 250-300usd-this is a real machine no rival than a few children reach the current 15 down tr new purchase.
Thinkpad T420
the good, the beautiful, but difficult to choose and revise them quite expensive. Screen keyboard, performance, quality and design really beautiful.
Update: Now many of you may find the need to install a driver for win 10 hp, and you follow the video below to ensure installation of the correct type win 10 as manufacturers, finding the right driver, the note should not be used ghost to run offline, or delayed and trimmer machines. Especially with you or to run software such as Autocad, Mapinfo, iMindMap …

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