Photoshop version zooms all windows

Photoshop version zooms all windows . Is the “Zoom All Windows” option gone? If not, just uncheck it.



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I can’t repro. 


If you restore your preferences using this manual method does it work correctly?
If that doesn’t solve it, you can quit Photoshop and put the Settings folder back.

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Hey guys!

As you can see in the gif I am not able to zoom out and in manteining the canvas fit in the photoshop window.

I had this issue since I switch to photoshop 21.1. (but i had it with the previous versions as well – not the 2018 version tho)

is there something I can do or I just need to wait the next update? I normally press “altGr + -” or “ctrl + -” to zoom out and normally the window would automatically fit the canvas…. but is not happening with the last versions of photoshop.

I m using a pc with  windows 10.

Thank you in advance!





That’s update 21.1.1 to photoshop 2020.

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