Basic errors of the Ricoh 2075 copier and how to fix it

Basic Ricoh copier errors and how to fix them. Ricoh copiers are currently quite popular in stores that provide photocopying services, document printing, or offices and companies with relatively high office workload, because they meet the printing needs. Because of the job’s work, the common errors of Ricoh copiers are many, so you need to master 15 basic errors and ways to fix them so that you can repair them yourself at home, saving time and costs from the service. repair service.

1. The Ricoh Aficio 2075 copier reports the following errors: Sc 541, 542, 543, 544, 545, 546,547 (thermal error) at startup.

How to do the following: 1/click the movie “Clear mode” 2/ Press the number keys 107, 3 in turn,/press and hold the “Clear/stop” key for about 3 seconds.

2. The display shows “copy SP” or “PM counter” or “Printer Sp” or “Scaner Sp”.

Turn off the main power switch, wait for about 5 seconds, then turn on the power switch to restart the machine.

3. 552 . error alarm

The main cause of this common error of this Ricoh 2075 copier is the thermal sensor or weak power supply or review of the head coil.

4. Ricoh 2075 machine error 670

Error due to starting the machine – the machine does not respond after 30 seconds of turning on the power switch – the machine suddenly reduces power during the time of turning on the machine and waiting for the drying time. Caused by the fault of the BCU. Check the BCU again.

5. Ricoh machine error SC 127

Check whether the optical axis is broken, the optical wires on both sides are deflected, and clean the optical line.

6. Ricoh copier error SC 220

Error due to laser synchronization, you enter 2103 and push the values ​​in it to about 10 values, then take a test shot. If it still doesn’t work, there are 2 potentiometers on the laser board, you turn to the right a little bit and then take a photo, if you still can’t take a picture, remove the sticker on the laser board and clean the dust carefully.

7. Ricoh copier error 390

There are many ways such as: Install the pan in the software, or cut off the TD sensor wire, or pry the TD sensor cover and turn inside to damage and then close the cover.
Note that if you want to reset the software, go to 5-990 to print all the settings on paper, which is not correct by default will have a *, then correct it accordingly.

8. Copier has a lead-like streak across the paper

Illuminate the observation light on the surface of the drum after shooting, if there is a black line, it is because the drum + wiper assembly is not clean, if there is a line on the drum surface while running, but the stop area loses the line, then review the phrase can Removed from the spot where it was spotty, hard ink stuck to it.
If running but there are no lines on the drum, it is possible that the conveyor belt or the drying unit is stuck to the themitor.

9. Copier 2075 has a paper jam

Immediately remove the tray assembly and redo it carefully, buy alcohol to soak the gears, spray RP7 on the bearings, blow it all out to clear the jam.

10. The machine is shadowed

When the ball is curled, the paper is closed so that the main stroke and shadow stroke coincide. If the circle is as big as the drum, then remove the drum.

11. Machine error 338

The error is caused by the multi-sided mirror motor, you need to check and clean the mirrors, cables, connection wires, main control board, etc.

12. ricoh 2075 copier failed to print

If you encounter this problem, the easiest way is to erase the device and reinstall it from scratch

13. Ricoh 2075 copier freezes

The status of the machine may not report any errors, but it cannot run. Cause of empty bone error, you need a professional technician to fix this error.

14. the machine has blurred text
Fix it by changing the wiper to be able to run

15. Ricoh 2075 copier says Please wait,..

You clean the drum clean and carefully, it may be because the ink is too dusty, so the machine says so.

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