MSI launches high-end office laptops with chip gen 11th

MSI launches high-end office laptops with chip gen 11th. MSI has officially introduced a new series of laptops using Intel 11th generation CPUs (Tiger Lake, note that currently only the power saving series). For your convenience, I will summarize the information here for everyone to see.

MSI launches high-end office laptops with chip gen 11th
MSI launches high-end office laptops with chip gen 11th

Officially entering the business / office laptop segment:

The Prestige and Modern lines are now being merged into a new segment of the office / business / work laptops (currently only the Creator line of laptops for content creation / design). In addition, there will be a new line called Summit for high-end businessmen, divided into Summit B series and E series (each with 2 screen sizes of 14 “and 15”). Particularly, Summit E13 Flip is a 2-in-1 series (tablet hybrid, screen 13.3 “rotating 360 degrees), but this one will come out later.

In fact, the overall design of the Summit series is based on the existing Prestige and Modern models (E15 is like Prestige 15, B15 is like Modern 15, B14 / E14 is like Prestige 14), of course there are tweaks. Fingerprint reader design, new logo gold, design only matte black, etc.). The difference is mainly from the features: Summit will only use Windows 10 Pro, with integrated TPM 2.0 to secure from hardware (suitable for enterprise environment, encrypt data on hard drive, allow access key. USB port / card reader access), no IR webcam option for face login (fingerprint only).

Where is the Summit E series different from the B series:

The E series is a higher-end line, with a slightly different design (most visible, some details will be golden), with a more diverse screen option (4K 100% Adobe RGB / FHD 100% screen sRGB touch, B series only FHD 100% sRGB), has a discrete card option (GTX1650Ti Max-Q, note that Prestige still only max option is 1650 Max-Q) while B series uses only graphics chip Integrated Xe Iris (as strong as the MX330-350 discrete card).

Summary of a few important specs:

B14: CPU i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7, 1 RAM slot, 1x NVMe SSD (PCIe gen 4), iGPU Iris Xe, 52Whr battery (10 hours)

B15: CPU i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7, 2 RAM slots, 2x NVMe SSD (1 PCIe gen 4 slot, 1 gen 3 slot), iGPU Iris Xe, 52Whr battery (10 hours)

E14: CPU i7-1185G7, LPDDR4x-4267 onboard RAM (dual channel), 1x NVMe SSD (PCIe gen 4), GTX1650Ti Max-Q, 52Whr battery (10 hours)

E15: i7-1185G7 CPU, 2 RAM slots, 2x NVMe SSD (1 PCIe gen 4 slot, 1 gen 3 slot), GTX1650Ti Max-Q, 82Whr battery (16 hours)

Prestige and Modern only update the CPU, not too much to say. However, there is an optional MX450 card (version cut down from GTX1650 Max-Q), and Modern line now has USB 4.0 (built-in Thunderbolt, allows charging). And of course, Modern / Prestige has many different color versions, every man and woman will have the right choice: v

The Prestige 14 adds an EVO version, which uses an ultra-low power (1W) display and no discrete card option, allowing for up to 12 hours of battery life and ultra-fast sleep / wake up (in just 1 second. ).

Stealth 15M – gaming laptop “submarine”:

The most silent debut yesterday is the world’s lightest 15 “gaming laptop (1.69kg), the Stealth 15M. In fact, this one belongs to the GS series, and is the first MSI gaming laptop to use. The CPU saves power, but people don’t have to worry about being weak, because the i7-1185G7 in the 28W config has a pop-up i5-10300H.

Screen 144Hz 100% sRGB, RGB key LED, VGA 1660Ti Max-Q (including 2060 Max-Q version, but will be released later), allows charging via Thunderbolt 4 (Type-C) port, available in white and Gray, Cooler Boost 5. This is a promising option for anyone who likes a delicious gaming laptop with a neat battery for a long time.

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