How to solve all DLL missing files

How to solve all DLL missing files. Have you ever encountered a *.dll file missing error during software installation or game installation? If you are looking for a way to fix this annoying error, this is the article for you. In this article, Ngolongtech will show you in detail how to download *.dll files that your computer is missing and fix the most detailed and effective error of missing dll files today. But first we will learn a little bit about the concept of the *.dll file format. I will make it as brief as possible for you to imagine.

How to solve all DLL missing files
How to solve all DLL missing files

I. What is *.dll file?

DLL stands for Dynamic-Link Library. This is a library provided by Microsoft that contains structured files that programs or software may invoke during use.

This makes a lot of sense in supporting many different programs/software that can use a single file and take advantage of its capabilities at the same time.

The Windows *.dll library helps the operating system reduce file duplication, making it a lot cleaner. The DLL file contains classes, functions, variables, interfaces, and resources such as icons, images, etc.

On all operating systems, you will come across two types of libraries: static libraries (lib) and dynamic libraries (.dll) .

While static libraries are linked to the executable at compile time, dynamic libraries are not. A dynamic library is a standalone file that can be individually updated without changing the *.exe executable.

II. Why is the computer missing the .dll file error?

The Windows operating system stores a large number of *.dll files, so the frequency of their use is very high, so DLL-related errors are also very common.

The main directory where the *.dll files are stored are C:\Windows\System32(for Windows 32bit operating systems) and C:\Windows\SysWOW64(for Windows 64bit operating systems). You can access that folder to see (if curious :D)

III. Some common *.dll file missing error warnings

The key to dealing with this is that you need to read the error in the error message pop-up window. For example, in the image below, the computer is reporting an error that is missing a winrnr.dll.

Fix missing file Winrnr.dll
Fix missing file Winrnr.dll

File missing error messageMSVCP71.dll

File missing error messageWS2_32.dll

File missing error message MSVCR71.dll

Above are some examples of errors missing dll files, there are countless other errors missing dll files. To solve this error of missing .dll file, we have 2 ways: using software and not using software. Here are detailed instructions for you:

#first. How to solve all DLL missing files without using software

+ Step 1: Look at the error message pop-up and remember the *.dll file name that you are missing. For example, in Figure 1, I am missing a file winrnr.dll.

+ Step 2: Access the website

+ Step 3: Type file name .dllin the search box => then click Enterto search.


fix missing dll file

Next select the version that matches the version of Windows you are using to download (check if the computer is using 32bit or 64bit win).

+ Step 5: Extract the file you just downloaded (you can use WinRAR to decompress). SystemThen copy the extracted file to the Windows folder  . You copy according to the path corresponding to the system as follows:

Windows 32bit version :

  • Windows® 95/98/Me you copy to the System folder: C:\Windows\System
  • Windows NT/2000 you copy to the System32 folder: C:\WINNT\System32
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 you copy to System32 folder: C:\Windows\System32

Windows 64bit version :

You copy the following path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

OK! Now, please reopen the program that installed the error earlier and run it again to see the results 

#2. How to solve all DLL missing files using DLL-Files Fixer software

Dll-files Fixer is a software provided by the website we just manually searched above,

And of course to use this software, you will have to pay a fee for them. But in return, you will not need to search and install manually anymore, but all will be done by Dll-files Fixer software from a to z with just 1 click.

Dll-Files Fixer

Some main advantages of Dll-files Fixer

  1. Fix missing dll file error quickly and easily.
  2. Optimize Registry and intelligently defragment Registry.
  3. Repair errors caused by Registry.
  4. Increase the speed and performance of the computer system.
  5. Prevent, restrict applications and your computer from hanging during use.

#3. Install additional Microsoft support applications

In addition to how to find the missing DLL file, you can refer to some of the following error correction books for missing DLL files:

  • The simplest way and also the way you should try to apply it first is to try reinstalling that software/program again.
  • Try using Windows Resource Protection Tool or System File Checker (SFC) to deal with missing system files.
  • Please update the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages if Windows is missing.
  • Install the appropriate Microsoft .NET Framework packages for the Windows operating system.

IV. Epilogue

Those are the ways to fix missing dll files that I find to be the most effective and popular today. And in my personal opinion, I recommend that you use the manual method, it’s still better, it doesn’t take time to install.

Unless you can’t download it manually, now use the software. Good luck!

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