How to remove virus

How to remove virus pop-ups in your browser tend to be really destructive. Specific accidents have actually happened to many computer system users. Many pop-ups appear at the same time as the danger arises. They intend to direct you to the specific website and you find it difficult to surf the Internet without proper disturbance. Closing the browser becomes a genuine challenge or hard work as these pop-ups make a challenge. So, how can you remove quickly and strongly?

How to remove virus
How to remove virus

So how to remove this malwave?

After a period of testing and testing the possibilities can help you eliminate it yourself.

There are 2 ways to remove thoroughly:

Method 1: Use Malwarebytes software

Download the software using the link above and click install.

Then open the software to scan for a while later the software will display notifications about the malwave exist on your computer.

You just need to select “Quarantine Selected” to start the software automatically remove the Malwave in the machine.

Note: In case Malwavebyte software cannot be installed, you need to follow method 2

Method 2: Reinstall the Windows operating system

Before reinstalling the Windows operating system, you need to back up the data to another place.

During the process of installing windows you need to force format all the partitioned hard drives or computer hard drives.

To reinstall the Windows operating system you need:

  • 1 USB cooktop to boot with capacity of 8gb or more
  • 1 file extension .ISO extension
  • The usb boot software here I use windows usb boots. You can go to google to download.

Good luck!

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